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The Fisher & Paykel EcoSmart WA42T26GW1 is a lower mid-cost top load washer.

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clothes are spun dry, barely need any time in the dryer

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good range of adjustability to get the exact wash cycle you need

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can handle large loads, can take care of lots of laundry all at once

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good energy efficiency, doesn't draw much power while in operation

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cleans clothes thoroughly, works well to remove stains

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breakdowns in the first year of use are common

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cycle is much longer than the average

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The Fisher & Paykel EcoSmart WA42T26GW1 is a lower mid-cost top load washer. Efficiency is one of the main focuses of this Energy Star qualified washer, and Fisher & Paykel promotes it as using only 24% of the energy of a traditional washer. This 4.2 cubic foot capacity washer is equipped with an Auto Water level option, which senses the size of the load and automatically selects the optimum water level. This feature eliminates water waste. The Load Sensing feature automatically selects the appropriate washing action based on the load. The Auto Water and Load Sensing features are both part of the Fisher & Paykel EcoSmart WA42T26GW1's Smart Drive system, which consists of sensors embedded in the electronics that monitor your load and adjust the agitator.  

  • Color: White
  • 10 year motor warranty
  • Direct Drive Motor Load sensing
  • 3 Spin Speeds (330, 670, 1000rpm)
  • Eco Active wash system
  • Auto water level
  • Dimensions: 40 1/8" x 25 1/2" x 25 1/2"
  • 4.2 cubic foot capacity
  • Energy rating: 198
  • MEF (Modifed Energy Factor):2.0
  • Water Factor: 5.96
  • 3 Spin Speeds (330, 670, 1000rpm) 
  • Adjustable Alert Beeps 
  • Auto-lint Disposal 
  • Auto out of balance correction 
  • Bleach Option 
  • Controlled cold function 68°F (20°C) 
  • Controlled temperature mixing chamber 
  • Delay start 1, 3, 9 hours 
  • Eco Active wash system 
  • Fabric Softener dispenser 
  • Rinse options
  • Soak option 
  • Softener bleach rinse 
  • Spin hold option 
  • Stainless Steel Basket 
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