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The Winterforce UV is a high-performance winter tire from Firestone that offers a step-up from the standard Winterforce model.

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wet pavement barely affects traction, maintains a good grip in the rain

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traction on dry pavement is perfect, great acceleration and braking

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rolls over snow well, above-average traction in all cold conditions

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can feel some vibration from the tires, can be a bit uncomfortable on longer trips

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noticeable road noise levels right away, before it even starts to wear

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treadwear is a bit below average, will have to be replaced sooner than other tires in the same class

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handling is only adequate, need to take it easy around corners

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The Winterforce UV is a high-performance winter tire from Firestone that offers a step-up from the company's standard Winterforce model. Functioning similarly to the standard model, this tire is intended to provide maximum traction levels on snowy, icy and wet surfaces. The Winterforce UV includes a number of features that are geared towards prioritizing traction, including a computer-designed directional tread pattern, a three-dimensional high-sipe density construction, and an optional add-on for #12-size studs.

  • Optimized for snow, ice and wet conditions
  • Severe Snow Performance approved
  • Directional tread pattern
  • High-sipe density
  • Pinned for #12 suds
  • S-class speed rating
  • Computer-modeled design
  • Standard Limited Warranty included
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Bruce L
11/03/2011 02:07

Ultra Violet Coating? Uhhhh. No. That's actually ridiculous and whoever wrote this made it up. The "UV" in the name doesn't stand for Ultra Violet. It stands for Utility Vehicle. The Firestone Winterforce UV tires are marketed to owners of light duty pick ups, vans, SUVs and AWD vehicles like subarus.



11/07/2011 09:30

OMG. I agree, very ridiculous.

This is a wiki, so the page is editable, just click the "Edit Product" link at the top right. I have gone ahead and removed the "but is also treated with an ultraviolet-protective coating" part of the write-up.

This one slipped through quality control.

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