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The Fender Lee Ranaldo is a high-end Jazzmaster customized with the specs of Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo.

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A must-have for diehard Sonic Youth fans - functions as a hybrid of Lee Ranaldo's various Jazzmasters used over the lifetime of the band

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Re-voiced Wide Range humbuckers provide truly vintage tonal possibilities - wired in the style of the original 1960's Jazzmaster series

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Overall build quality is very solid - guitar is firm and sturdy, engineered to handle road wear and rough on-stage treatment

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Attention to detail is indicative of Fender's Custom Shop - fret filing, wood finish, tuner tension and bridge installation are all second-to-none

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Excellent versatility - capable of faithfully performing Rock, Blues, Jazz and Punk styles

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Larger-scale body is great for experienced guitarists - provides more "give" and natural overall playability than smaller compact models

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Stock action is very low - great for some players, but many will require a professional setup to get the most out of the guitar

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The Fender Lee Ranaldo is a high-end Jazzmaster customized with the specs of Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo. Like fellow Sonic Youth member Thurston Moore's custom Jazzmaster, Fender is promoting the Lee Ranaldo model as a stripped-down and grungy offering. As opposed to the Seymour Duncan pickups of the Thurston Moore model, the Lee Ranaldo has two Fender Wide Range humbucking pickups that are re-voiced to original vintage specs, so that this Jazzmaster will sound like Jazzmasters did in their 1960s heyday. The Lee Ranaldo model also differs from the Thurston Moore in bridge. While the Thurston Moore model has an Adjusto-Matic bridge that emphasizes easy access to adjustment, the Lee Ranaldo model has a Mustang bridge, which emphasizes tuning stability. However, both of these custom models have a tremolo lock button to help with tuning, as well as a single master volume control, 3-position toggle switch for the pickups and 21-fret design.    

  • 2 Fender Wide Range humbucking pickups
  • Black anodized pickguard
  • American Vintage Jazzmaster tremolo
  • Mustang bridge
  • Tremolo lock button
  • Single master volume control
  • Sapphire Blue transparent satin nitrocellulose lacquer finish
  • Black-painted headstock
  • Sonic Youth sticker sheet
  • 21 vintage style frets
  • Alder body
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • 3-position toggle switch
  • Chrome hardware
  • Scale length: 648mm
  • Width at nut: 42mm
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