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The American Stratocaster HH Hardtail guitar features two Fender American humbucking pickups—a Black Cobra™.

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The S-1 switch allows you to have 2 guitars in one. One is a humbucker that has great pinch harmonics and rocking good tones. The other is a single coil Strat for great blues and clean tones. I have the HH with the tremelo though.

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The American Stratocaster HH Hardtail guitar features two Fender American humbucking pickups—a Black Cobra™ in the bridge position and a Sidewinder™ in the neck position, and has a rosewood fingerboard and stainless steel hardtail bridge.
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04/01/2011 08:06

I own the 2003 Ameican hardtail model, in silver with a white pearl pickguard, that does not have the S-1 coil switching system. Its rocking a seymore duncan jb in the bridge and a seymore duncan pearly gates in the neck position. both in all white. I cant say enough good things about this guitar! First of all it holds its tuning great. Switching between positions 1,3, and 5 on the pickup selector bring out three completely different guitar sounds. The bridge position is raw and tight with great midrange control and is raw enough for even the heaviest of metal. the center position beckons the bell-like single coil sound that single coil strats are so well know for and make the blues sound even bluer. and the 5th position is smooth, sultry, and tight and really makes for some fun soloing on a fully driven tube amp. satin neck and rosewood fingerboard make tis guitar extremely playable and fast. the neck is butter. I've had this guitar for 8 years now and would say that i'm extremely pleased with this instrument. Its definitely a versatile axe. I play a wide range of styles from jazz to death metal and it accomodates all my needs. I haven't found another strat that plays or sounds better. if you can find one, BUY IT!

02/08/2009 12:01

I bought this guitar (actually mine is not the hardtail, but has the trem) about three or four years ago. Initially, I had bought a highend Ibanez from one of the on-line superstores. When I got it, it had been dropped and it messed the bridge up. The "store" honored their replacement guarentee so I was shipped another one. Well, once I began playing it (The Ibanez), I found out really quick that you could not change tunings easily without having to totally re-set up the guitar. I opted for this Strat. I chose this one because I wanted to be able to rock hard as well as play some blues too. It is like having two different guitars, although, I really now only play with the S-1 switch pressed in (single coil mode). Overall, this is a decent American made guitar and I have been very pleased with it. In fact, I have had someone want to pay me a good deal of money for it at a local music store. The neck is great feeling and it comes with a decent hard shell case.

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