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The CD-140S is an acoustic guitar from Fender's Classic Design Series.

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Includes essential accessories - tuner, picks, gig bag, stand, spare strings and instructional DVD

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Great build quality for this price range - solid spruce top for clear resonant sound and rosewood bridge/fingerboard for consistent intonation

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Lack of neck adjustment results in fixed-action string height - may cause fret buzz for some users

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Stock strings are rather heavy - will likely need to be changed to a light gauge for beginners

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Chinese construction implies minimal Fender quality control compared to American/Mexican/Japanese models

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Instructional DVD leaves much to be desired - features minimal instruction and leaves out imperative beginner tips including tuning and fingering styles

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Included gig bag is thin/sparsely padded - heightens likelihood of damage

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The CD-140S is an acoustic guitar from Fender's Classic Design Series.  The guitar features Fender's dreadnought shape and comes in a natural color with a glossy finish on the body and a satin finish on the neck.  It is designed with a solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and a rosewood bridge and fingerboard.  The CD-140S offers good playability with chrome die-cast tuners and D'Addario Phosphor Bronze strings.  It also includes a dual-action truss rod, dot position inlays, and scalloped X bracing.  The guitar has a suggested retail price of $300 and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Fender-designed dreadnought shape
  • Gloss Finish Body, Satin Finish Neck
  • Solid Spruce Top
  • Scalloped X-Bracing
  • Mahogany Back & Sides
  • Chrome Die-Cast Tuners
  • Rosewood Fingerboard & Bridge
  • Dual-Action Truss Rod
  • Dot Position Inlays
  • D'Addario EXP-26 Phosphor Bronze Strings
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