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The Vibro-Champ XD is a hybrid tube-powered/solid state electric guitar amplifier from Fender.

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enough power output to fill smaller venues and compete with drums, ideal for live performances

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wide variety of tone variations and other effects available

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has the warm sound that only a tube amp can provide

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condenser design makes it ideal for home recording

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delay effect is interesting, adds a unique sound that isn't easy to replicate elsewhere

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portable enough to be carried from one venue to another with minimal effort

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experienced musicians will want more power from a full-sized amp

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The Vibro-Champ XD is a hybrid tube-powered/solid state electric guitar amplifier from Fender that offers a step-down from the company's Super-Champ XD model. Featuring a single 8-inch Special Design speaker, this model has a 5-watt power handling within a single-channel, single-input housing. Chrome hardware provides a vintage aesthetic alongside a Red amp jewel, with a Black textured covering and molded Black handle adding durability to the cabinet for prolonged "road wear" and transportation. Dedicated controls for Gain, Volume, Voice, Treble, Bass, FX Level and FX Select are included on the unit's "Blackface"-style control strip, with amp modeling and DSP digital effects provided that include a variety of Vibratone, Delay, Reverb, Chorus and Tremolo processing options with Fender's own Spring Reverb effect on board. In addition, skirted amp knobs provide a streamlined mode of parameter adjustment for quick fine-tuning prior to or during live performance, with an optional amp cover available for added durability when transporting the amplifier. 

  • Black textured vinyl covering
  • 1 8-inch Special Design speaker
  • 5 watts power handling
  • Digital amp modeling
  • DSP effects
  • Single input design
  • Chrome hardware
  • Molded Black handle
  • Red amp jewel
  • Blackface-style control panel
  • Gain, Voice, Volume, Treble, Bass, FX Select and FX Volume controls


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