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The Fender Frontman 15R is the chic counterpart to the 15G.

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Provides the "classic Fender sound" even at a modest price point - drive channel is unmistakably engineered to emulate vintage cabinets

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Reverb effect is a nice bonus, even though it's tough to control - satisfying when treated as an on/off function

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Considerable amount of output power for a small amp - great for Rock-style application where a loud, distorted channel is required

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Excellent practice option - integrated headphone jack provides a high-quality signal, while clean channel playback can be utilized at a low level

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Highly portable - can be held in the same hand carrying a guitar for functional travelling needs

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Reverb is frustrating to work with - space between threshold and maximum is very small, virtually eliminating the possibility of a "sweet spot"

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Very little headroom for a solid state amp - clean channel tends to distort/overdrive far too easily

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The Fender Frontman 15R is the chic counterpart to the 15G. It hosts all the same features, but it’s been cosmetically treated with skirted knobs and a silver grille cloth that makes it look more professional and fancy, though it is still just an entry-level designed strictly for practice sessions. Like its counterpart, the Frontman 15R features a 1-8” Special Design speaker, two-channel, 15W power handling, a ¼” headphone jack, and a auxiliary RCA input that can connect to a CD, tape, or drum machine. It too offers enhanced durability, though again there are complaints about the lack of precise effects and clean audio.

  • Frontman Series
  • Cosmetically Treated
  • Solid State Amplifier (Black)
  • Closed-Back Design
  • Skirted Amp Knobs
  • 1-8" Fender Special Design Speaker
  • Two Channels, 15W Power Handling
  • Gain, Over Drive Select Switch
  • Drive, Volume, Treble, Bass
  • 3-Band EQ
  • Auxiliary RCA Input
  • ¼” Headphone Input Jack
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