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The Blues Junior III is a tube-powered electric guitar amplifier from Fender.

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loud enough for small venue performances

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tone adjustments are precise and don't reduce the signal quality at all

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small enough to be easily carried around

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tube amp gives great clarity and perfect tone with good warmth

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usage is very simple, no learning curve at all

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works well with numerous pedals and boards

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not enough power for larger venues

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no built-in patches, only basic tone adjustments

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The Blues Junior III is a tube-powered electric guitar amplifier from Fender that offers a step-down from the Hot Rod Deluxe III model and a step-up from the Pro Junior III model. Featuring a single 12-inch Eminence brand "Lighting Bolt", this model includes 15 watts of continuous power output within a one-channel housing. A black control panel is included for glare-free levelling while on stage or in bright lighting conditions, with "Chicken Head"-style amp knobs for full adjustability of Reverb, Master Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble and "Fat" mode parameters. Fender's classic "Dog Bone" handle is included for rugged and reliable toting, alongside a Black textured coating with Blackface-style grille cloth. In addition, the company's classic "Spring Reverb" effect has been integrated into the unit, helping users achieve much sought-after blues guitar tones. 

  • Black textured vinyl covering
  • Blackface-style Black/Silver grille cloth
  • 15 watts, 120 volts
  • 1 12-inch Eminence Lightning Bolt speaker
  • Chrome hardware
  • Red Jewel pilot light
  • Fender Dog Bone handle
  • Built-in Spring Reverb effect
  • Reverb, Master, Middle, Bass, Treble, Fat switch and Volume controls
  • Rattle-reducing shock absorbers
  • Chicken head-style amp knobs
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