The Fender '65 Twin Reverb is a high-end guitar amp.

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The Fender '65 Twin Reverb is a high-end guitar amp. It has similar features to another Fender guitar amp, the '65 Twin Custom 15. Both amps have 19" tilt back legs, and both have a vibrato channel. However, the main difference between the two amps is that the '65 Twin Custom 15 has a larger speaker (15" versus 12"), and is taller (22" versus 19.87"). The '65 Twin Reverb features a total of four inputs, that give the user many options on where to plug in their guitar. The user may choose where to plug the guitar in depending on the amount of power they wish it to have, as well as they type of sound they want (two inputs for normal, and two for vibrato). It also features a solid state rectifier, which keeps the voltage levels within the amp consistent. With a normal tube rectifier, the longer the tube, the more the voltage will end up dropping. However, using a solid state rectifier, the voltage levels remain the same no matter what size the rectifier is. This results in a more powerful sound from the amp. As well as these, the '65 Twin Reverb also features an included two button footswitch, which can allow the user to switch between the normal and vibrato channels with ease. Even while playing their guitar, the user can use the footswitch to instantly switch channels, automatically giving them a new sound at will.

  • Solid state rectifier¬†
  • Vibrato channel
  • 15" speaker
  • 22" height
  • Four inputs
  • 19" tilt back legs
  • Two button footswitch
  • Red amp jewel
  • External Speaker jack
  • 85 watts into 4 ohms
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