The Fender '65 Twin Custom 15 is a high-end guitar amp.

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The Fender '65 Twin Custom 15 is a high-end guitar amp. It shares various features with another guitar amp by Fender, the '65 Super Reverb. Both of the amps include 19" tilt back legs, and both of them also have a vibrato channel. Despite this, the '65 Twin Custom 15 features a larger speaker (15" compared to 10"), as well as a bigger number of power tubes (four as opposed to two), giving it more power. The '65 Twin Custom 15 features a solid state rectifier, that allows the voltage inside the amp to remain consistent. While a tube rectifier may suffer from voltage drops, the solid state rectifier can keep the voltage going at it's original power level, creating a more powerful sound. It also features a footswitch that is able to switch between normal and vibrato channels. This allows the user to switch between two drastically different sounds on the fly, instantly switching between two different types of sound, while retaining the user's settings. As well as these, it also features an external speaker jack, which lets the user connect wireless speakers to the amp, extending the range of the sound.

  • 19" tilt back legs
  • Vibrato channel
  • 15" speaker
  • Four power tubes
  • Solid state rectifier
  • Two button footswitch
  • External speaker jack
  • Two channels
  • Four inputs
  • 85 watts into four ohms
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