Ideal in a home or home office and for individual users who regularly handle sensitive information.

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Protect your personal information with the Powershred W11C Cross-Cut Shredder from Fellowes. Part of the company's line of deskside shredders, this machine is ideal in a home or home office and for individual users who regularly handle sensitive information. It cross-cuts up to 11 sheets of paper in one pass into unreadable pieces (5/32 inches by 1-3/8 inches) and is tough enough to shred staples, credit cards and paper. Other highlights include a patented safety lock and a 5.5-gallon bin.

The innovative Fellowes W-11C with a safety interlock switch allows for safe and efficient shredding. If the lid of the machine is lifted, it stops automatically. Designed for light duty shredding in the home or home office, the Fellowes Powershred W-11C reduces documents to 5/32" x 2" higher-security confetti particles, and shreds up to 11 sheets per pass. Equipped with a 9" wide paper entry, the W-11C easily accepts standard letter or legal size documents. The durable steel cutters also accept credit cards and staples. Electronic auto start/stop features ensures quick & easy automatic shredder operation. Shredder has lift off lid for easy emptying. Reverse function easily removes over-fed paper. Fellowes provides a three-year warranty on the cutter. 

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Basic Safety Feature

Protect yourself and your family while shredding. The W11C features a patented Safety Lock which disables the shredder to prevent accidental shredding.
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Superior Performance

And there's more - the Fellowes W11C is built to last with solid steel cutters, a powerful motor, and parts that are engineered to outperform our competitors. With its cross-cut capability, it is also tough enough to cut through credit cards and staples, while ensuring confidential documents are shredded into unreadable pieces. Additionally, the W11C features a simple 5.5-gallon bin with lift-off head for easy waste disposal.
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What's in the Box

  • W11C shredder with power cord
  • Wastebasket
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
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Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Shredder

Cut Type

With Identity Theft concerns at an all-time high, the need to protect personal information is more important than ever. And these days, it's no longer just what you shred that matters--it's how small you shred it. Shredders with a smaller cut size will help keep your information secure long after you dispose of the particles. The smaller the cut size, the higher the security level.


If you shred confidential documents, choose Cross-Cut or smaller. A smaller cut size also means you will empty the bin less frequently.


Shredder productivity goes beyond mere sheet capacity or speed. When shopping for a shredder, consider the machine's throughput, or the efficiency with which it can get the job done. Throughput combines the three most critical features that contribute to a shredder's performance:

                 Sheet Capacity x Speed (feet per minute) x Duty Cycle = Throughput

For example, a shredder with a speed of 8.2 feet per minute (FPM), may seem more productive than one that shreds at only 7 FPM. After all, it's a faster machine! But as the example below illustrates, Shredder B is actually three times more productive than Shredder A, due to a longer duty cycle. This means you can get more done at one time, so you can quickly move on with your day.

Model Sheet Capacity x Speed x Duty Cycle* = Throughput
Shredder A 12 x 8.2 FPM x 3 minutes = 295
Shredder B 15 x 7 FPM x 10 minutes =


Quality and Durability

We understand that a shredder is not just a purchase. It's an investment. That's why Fellowes drives quality assurance to exceed expectations. Prior to launch, all Fellowes shredders are subjected to extensive field and laboratory tests, including our proprietary continuous abuse test and long-term wear. These tests simulate years of abnormally high use to ensure our products perform reliably, even under the most demanding conditions.

Our promise to you is supported by a commitment to offer the most innovative solutions, exceptional product quality, and first class service and support. Our higher standards ensure you get the most reliable shredder you can buy.

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