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The USB Desktop Aquarium is great for home, dorm or office and is the perfect size for any desk.

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Nice looking

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Good for small fish

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Clock is a nice touch

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Without good filtration

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Short USB cord

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Anyone can put a pencil holder on a desk - why settle for that when you can have something infinitely cooler, like this USB-powered desktop aquarium. The ingenious design recirculates and aerates the water, while the integrated color changing LED lights provide a captivating display. But that's just the beginning, since this caddy also features an adjustable overhead light, LCD calendar with time, day/date and weekly temperature function, along with a working alarm clock with snooze feature and countdown timer. It even provides soothing nature sounds if you'd like. It might be more productive than you are, but we'll keep that our little secret. Tank includes under gravel filtration system, decorative gravel and a plastic fern. Operates through USB power connector. You'll have to provide your own fish.

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  • The USB Desktop Aquarium holds approximately 1 1/2 quarts of water and is a great home for any small fish
  • The LCD alarm clock features time, date, temperature, snooze, countdown timer and 6 different modes of tranquil nature sounds for that zen moment anytime
  • Also includes an adjustable overhead LED light, USB power connector, decorative rocks and low voltage pump
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Besides cycling out the water, how does cleaning the aquarium work? Is the aquarium part detachable from the battery charged bits on the right side?

    Not detachable. Small so hard to clean. But filter keeps it clean for a good while.

  • Does it measure the temp of the water or of the room?

    I would say the water because of proximity. When light and pump on it was about 75-78 when off it would go down to 65s was a cold one.

  • Is it big enough for a Betta?

    I have a betta, and it seems to like it.

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