The IncrediSonic Falcon 360HD DVR not only has an excellent 1080p resolution camera, it has two cameras.

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The IncrediSonic Falcon 360HD DVR not only has an excellent 1080p resolution camera, it has two cameras; and both are 180 degree rotatable with a whopping 120 degree viewing angle to ensure you have all angles covered to record. The viewing angles setups are literally endless; record the front and the back at the same time, record the side window and the front window, record super wide screen the front window by placing both cameras toward the front, etc. Loop recording ensures that you never will have to worry about space on your SD card as you set the time span you want the Falcon DVR to start recording again.

The Falcon 360 simply clamps over your rear view mirror allowing for optimal viewing angles; not limited as one would find in a dash cam that either sits on the dashboard. Though some dash cams are able to suction cup to the windshield, this too can cause a headache if the suction becomes loose and falls off frequently and possibly causing damage to the device and maybe even not recording an important event.

Also, the F360 comes optimally configured already, all you need to do is set the time and date.

Built in microphone that records all sound while recording (can be shut off if needed) will also ensure the accuracy of an incident or driving experience. So pop this on over your existing rear view mirror (fits any size rear view mirror) and not only enjoy a bigger, safer rear view mirror, but also have the comfort of knowing that as soon as you start your car, the recorder automatically starts and is ready to go with no need to touch a thing; the Falcon sees it all.

The whole concept behind the Falcon360 HD is that we want the driver to have no distractions so we designed a Cord Management System. This system includes an ultra long power cord to run around the interior cabin of the vehicle and into your 12V power adapter (cigarette ligher). The picture below shows how this is properly installed. We also include Cord Clips to assist in running the cable should you need them.

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  • Record a Vehicle's Interior/Exterior
  • Fits Over an Existing Rear View Mirror
  • Built-In Front- or Rear-Facing Cameras
  • 180° Adjustable Lenses
  • 120° Ultra-Wide Field of View
  • 720p Video Resolution/Up to 5MP Photos
  • Single or Simultaneous Camera Recording
  • 32GB microSD Card Included
  • Built-In Microphone Captures Audio
  • Powered by Dual USB Car Charger
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will it still work if I put 128GB SD cards for longer recording activity?

    They wouldn't read/write. The SDXC isn't supported.

  • How long is the power cord? Is it long enough to run as shown in diagram?

    The power cord is 136 inches or 11 foot 4 inches, it is long.

  • Is the 120-degree viewing angle combined between the two cameras or is it 120-degrees per camera?

    120-degree per camera.

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What’s in the Box?

Falcon Zero F360HD Mirror DVR, Power Cord (10 feet), USB Cord, Dual USB Car Charger, 32GB Class 10 SD card, Cord Management Clips, Instruction Manual, Retail Box.
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