The Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike with Pulse can handle up to a 325 lb user weight capacity.

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The Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike with Pulse can handle up to a 325 lb user weight capacity. It also has a wider seat for comfort , magnetic resistance for challenging workouts and hand pulse pads for targeting heart rate zones , all at a very affordable price. Recumbent Design: “Step Thru” design providing very easy on and off capability, providing a more a more effective and comfortable workout.

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  • Recumbent Design: The step-through style bike ensures easy on-and-off, as well as a comfortable workout that won't unnecessarily stress your back and knees
  • Leg Stabilizers: Extended leg stabilizers provide a rock-solid platform during even the most strenuous of workouts
  • Transportation Wheels: Easily move the unit from one location to another
  • Tension Resistance: Eight-level Magnetic Tension Control System allows you to customize your ride and challenge yourself over time
  • Onboard Computer: Large, easy-to-read LCD display indicates distance, calories burned, time, speed, and heart rate information
  • Heart Rate Sensors: Built-in hand pulse monitor helps you maintain your desired target heart rate
  • Crank System: "Smooth torque" cranking system with precision-balanced flywheel and V-belt drive provides smooth, consistent, quiet pedaling
  • Adjustable Seat: Fits users from five feet, six inches to six feet, three inches tall
  • Safety: Larger pedals with safety straps prevent foot slippage
  • Comfort: A padded, oversized seat cushion and back rest ensure as comfortable a workout as possible
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Leg Stabilizers: Extended leg stabilizers to prevent any movement or tipping when exercising.Larger pedal design with safety strap prevents any foot slippage when exercising

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Weight Capacity

Extended Weight Capacity up to 300lbs

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An easy to read large window LCD display that indicates distance, calories burned, time, speed, scan and heart rate monitor.

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Tension Resistance

An 8 level Magnetic Tension control system, allows the user to adjust the tension level for an easier or more difficult workout.

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Crank System

Smooth torque” cranking system provides a smooth and consistent pedaling motion. Quietness: The precision balanced flywheel and V- belt drive provide a smooth and quiet operation. It will not interfere with watching TV or listening to music. Seating Comfort: Large oversized seat cushion and back rest for users of any size. Heart Rate: Hand Pulse Monitor to stay within the Target Heart Rate Zone

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Seat Adjustments

Easy and quick seat adjustments for users 5'3” to 6'3”

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Transportation Wheels

Included transportation wheels for easy relocation of the bike.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can 5' tall person use this machine?

    Hi Dan. I pushed the seat up as far forward as it would go. Roughly from where someone would sit to the farthest point of the foot peddle was about 40 inches. Hope that helps.

  • Does the 900 XL give a good cardio workout with good resistance?

    I am loving it. but i have just started back on the whole working out, and have not been able to maintain the cardio for any length of time. but it is a good bike and it is easy to change the resistence up and down. when i am trying to get more cardio i turn the resistence down a notch so my legs dont get as tired. when i am pushing to tighten the muscles in my legs i increase the tension some. for the price this is a great bike. i have been having severe back pain, which is why i stopped using my other exercse bike, so am happy to have one with back support. hope this helps

  • I like to be able to easily change between resistances while I'm pedaling. Can this be done via the display buttons and if not, then how?

    You can change resistance while riding. There is a knob in the center consol to do that.

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