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The EVGA X58 Classified 4-Way SLI is an XL-ATX motherboard released in late 2009.

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Great overclocker--everything stays cool, system performance is stable even with multiple overclocked components.

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Signature EVGA lifetime warranty.

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Allows for direct water cooling of the northbridge.

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Sports most essential features sought after by enthusiasts.

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Very pricey especially when compared to mid-range offerings lacking the superfluous 4-way SLI.

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Inconsistent USB performance--USB devices are often not detected or crash the system.

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Intel X58 has a limited upgrade path compared to the Sandy Bridge platform.

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Lacks SATA III and USB 3.0, which are quickly becoming standard even in mid-range boards.

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The EVGA X58 Classified 4-Way SLI is an XL-ATX motherboard released in late 2009. This board is comparable to EVGA’s standard X58 Classified (3-way SLI), but differs by way of an extra PCI-E slot for 4-way SLI functionality. Primary features include support for the Intel Core i7 processor, 7 total PCI-E slots and a maximum of 24GB DDR3 memory. A total of 8 SATA 3 GB/s ports have also been integrated. Enthusiast features include onboard Clear CMOS, Power and Reset buttons with built-in power and HDD LED indicator lights. Overclocking is well supported with 100% solid state capacitors and up to 600W of power dedicated to the CPU. The LGA 1366 socket also has triple the amount of gold content for better conductivity. Users of this motherboard must own a case with 10 or more expansion slots.

  • XL-ATX Form Factor
  • Intel X58/ICH10R chipset
  • Intel Core i7 processor support
  • 6 x 240-pin DIMM sockets
  • Maximum of 24GB of DDR3 1600MHz+
  • 7 x PCIe x16/x8
  • 8 x Serial ATA 300MB/sec
  • RAID 0, RAID1, RAID 0+1, RAID5, JBOD
  • 8 Channel High Definition sound
  • 2 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • 1 x PS2 Keyboard
  • 12 x USB2.0 ports (4 external + 8 internal headers)
  • Audio connector (Line-in, Line-out, MIC)
  • FireWire 1394A (1 external, 1 header)
  • Length: 13.58in - 345mm
  • Width: 10.375in – 263.5mm
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