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The Evenflo Journey Elite is a carseat and a stroller rolled into one.

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high quality fabric has a nice texture and is easy to wipe clean

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no tools required for assembly

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assembles quickly and comes with clear instructions

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folds up easily, don't have to struggle with it

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seat is easy to put in and take out

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made with lightweight materials, easy to lift in/out of the car

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carseat needs to be tilted to latch in right, which is tricky with a sleeping baby in there

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 The Evenflo Journey Elite is a carseat and a stroller rolled into one. This particular member of the Evenflo travel systems is described on the manufacturer's website as rated #1 by a leading consumer magazine, however this claim was not cited properly leaving doubts about its validity. It comes in six different pattern/color options: 3 Lil Bears, Bergen, Circus, La Grand Jungle, Park Hills, and Pink Lemonade. The Evenflo Journey Elite infant seat was designed and tested at levels almost two times the federal crash test standard, making sure the structural integrity is above what is mandated by the government. It is made with an EPS energy-absorbing foam liner and the head support is soft and padded. The Evenflo Journey Elite can fit children up to 4 years of age and 40 pounds and the stroller itself weights only 20lbs.

  • Lightweight: 20lbs
  • Children up to 4 yrs and 40lbs
  • Two cup holders
  • Covered storage
  • Tested at 2x Federal Crash Test Standard
  • Eps Energy-absorbing foam liner
  • One-hand quick fold
  • Rated #1 by unidentified consumer magazine
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