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Before you know it, your sweetly immobile infant will be a non-stop exploring machine.

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Before you know it, your sweetly immobile infant will be a non-stop exploring machine. Take steps now to make your home safer for your little adventurer. The Evenflo SimpleStep Pressure Gate will make doorways and stairs inaccessible to your child while providing a convenient design that makes life easier for parents. This gate is ideal for children ages 6 to 24 months and is recommended for use in doorways or at the bottom of stairways.

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  • One-hand Slide-Loc mechanism: Simply squeeze the handle and slide back to open
  • Red/Green indicator shows whether gate is properly locked. Close gate with a gentle push.
  • Door swings open for easy walk-thru
  • 30” tall, expands from 29” – 39.5” with 1 included extension panel
  • Please note that pressure mounted gates may seem defective in first glance, but they will work fine if they are installed correctly as per the printed instructions.
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Easy to Use and Install

The Evenflo SimpleStep Pressure Gate is a sturdy, lightweight metal gate in a neutral color that blends in with any décor. It is 30 inches tall and expands from 29 inches to 39-1/2 inches with the included extension panel. Featuring a a pressure-mounting system, the gate is designed for quick and easy installation: no tools, no permanent hardware to damage your walls. The pressure-mounting system also allows for more versatile installation at stairway banisters or other unusual openings.

The gate is just as easy to use as it is to install. It easily opens with a special one-handed "Slide-Loc" mechanism: simply squeeze and slide the handle to open the gate. The gate also swings open, making it much easier for baby-toting parents to use. It then latches shut with a simple push.

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Super Safety Features

The Evenflo SimpleStep Pressure Gate's red/green indicator shows whether the gate is properly locked, to give you additional peace of mind. Its slats are less than three inches apart, which is the recommended spacing for safety. To maximize the gate's safety features, make sure it is installed less than three inches from the floor. It is also recommended for use at the bottom of stairways only; the top of the stairway should be cordoned with a hardware-mounted gate.

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The Evenflo SimpleStep Pressure Gate offers

  • Sturdy, lightweight gate helps keep babies and toddlers safe
  • Pressure-mounting system makes installation easy
  • One-handed "Slide-Loc" makes for convenient use
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  • Easy to install, requires no hardware, won't damage door frames and is easily movable
  • See at a glance whether gate is shut
  • One hand operation to open the gate
  • A gentle push locks the gate
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this gate have the option to be screwed into the wall?

    No. To my recollection It did not come with end caps that can be screwed into the wall as the Carlson pet-gate does.

  • Does the gate swing both ways?


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