The Tetragon 8 is the four person offering in Eureka's Tetragon series of three season tents.

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The Tetragon 8 is the four person offering in Eureka's Tetragon series of three season tents. The hallmarks of the Tetragon series are here: the rectangular dome shape, the hanging gear loft. To make set-up and take-down easy, there are only two poles and they are shockcorded fiberglass. The shockcording, a bungee cord running all through the pole, means that you will not have to go looking for pole parts, as the pole will stay together. The emphasis on ventilation that is present throughout the Tetragon series is here as well: there is mesh panelling, two windows and 2 vents. There are also brims over the door and rear window, so you can get some breathing room even when it is raining. Braving the weather is a focus of the Tetragon series, and the Tetragon 8 is no exception. The StormShield polyester fly gives external protection against moisture, while the bathtub floor helps to keep water outside the tent. All of the tents in the Eureka series share essentially the same features, the main difference between them being size.   

  • Four person capacity
  • Rectangular dome design
  • Two poles
  • Shockcorded fiberglass poles
  • Brimmed door and rear window
  • Bathtub floor
  • Hanging gear loft
  • 2 storage pockets
  • Mesh panels
  • 2 vents
  • 1 door
  • 2 windows
  • Floor size: 8'6" x 7'6"
  • Weight: 8lbs 6oz.
  • 3 seasons
  • Tent area: 63.75 square feet
  • 9.5mm fiberglass frame
  • 75D polyester taffeta walls and floor
  • StormShield polyester fly
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