The Eureka N!ergy 1210 is a Square Dome Camping Tent.

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The Eureka N!ergy 1210 is a Square Dome Camping Tent.  The N!ergy model series tents are fully powered by Eureka's E! Power Pack that delivers 12-Volts through 3 glowing outlets.  The tent comes with the rechargeable power pack that is portable and light weight.  The N!ergy 1210 is 2 pole tent made from lightweight fiberglass that is easy to set up and break down.  The tent can be divided into 2 rooms by a removable divider curtain, allowing the tent to remain as one large space.  The make-up of the tent walls and flooring is 75D Polyester Taffeta, which is light weight and water resistant.  The tent cover is made from 75D StormShield Polyester that can stand up to the toughest of storms.  In total, the N!ergy 1210 can hold a maximum of 8 people with a floor size of 12' x 10', middle height of 6'4", and 120 square feet.  When packed down, the tent is 8.5" x 31" and weighs a minimum of 21lbs. 2oz.

The gear loft for the N!ergy 1210 is included in the package along with the E! Power Pack.  The tent has 2 doors, 4 windows plus 2 in the mesh, and a removable tent divider.  The tent cover is a bright yellow and the tent itself is blue and white.

Key Features
  • Square Dome Shape
  • E! Power Built In
  • Fits 8 People
  • 2 Pole Design
  • Lightweight Fiberglass
  • Square Feet:   120 sq. ft.
  • Floor Size:   12' x 10'
  • Height:   6'4"
  • Pack Size:   8.5" x 31"
  • Minimum Weight:   21lbs. 2oz.
  • 2 Door
  • 4 Windows
  • Cover:   75D StormShield Polyester
  • Wall:   75D Polyester Taffeta
  • Floor:   75D Polyester Taffeta
  • Mesh:   50D No-See-Um
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