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The Eureka Maxima 972B model is a low-end canister type vacuum.

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The Eureka Maxima 972B model is a low-end canister type vacuum; it is the only canister type vacuum in the Eureka Maxima product line. It features a lightweight and maneuverable body design that allows users to navigate and clean quickly and easily. Obviously since the 972B model in a canister type vacuum, it includes a removable canister that can be both emptied and cleaned; but the device also includes a convenient bag change indicator to help keep the vacuum peaked at top performance (vacuums pick up a considerably less amount of impurities when the bag is full). The Eureka Maxima 972B vacuum includes additional features such as an automatic retractable cord system attached to a convenient button, standard filtration support, a handle that adjusts to the user's height, a special suction control switch which isolates direct suction power to the area needed most while cleaning (hose, or floor), and a steel telescopic wand or hose attachment.

  • Low-end canister type vaccum
  • Removable canister with special bag change indicator
  • Standard filtration support
  • Suction control switch which isolates direct suction to the current area of cleaning use
  • Retractable power cord accessible through a convenient side panel button
  • Fully adjustable handle height
  • Steel telescopic wand

Standard Filter: Captures dust, dirt and a plethora of other smaller particles to create a cleaner and healthier home

Key Specs
  • Power: 11 Amps
  • Bag Size: 1 quart (dry materials)
  • Power Cord Length: 16 feet
  • Cleaning Path Width: 12 inches
  • Weight: 13 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11 " (W) x 22 " (L) x 12.75 " (H)
Post Review
05/14/2011 02:03

The hose keeps detaching. How to stop that??

06/04/2010 01:54

As I told my sister tonight,It is an amazingly powerful little vac. So much so,it could suck a elephant out of the room. Only problem? Not one store sells its bags. Where can I get more vac bags. Help.



08/01/2013 07:25

We have only found bags at walmart.

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