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Picks up speed enforcement radar from the front and back, including K, Ka, X and Ku bands.

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It has great features like finding speed traps and learning false alarms to prevent them

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It really works to pick up cops and red light/speed cameras ahead of time

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You can update it to pick up new cameras

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It has a problem with "Reset Power" errors, which customer support has confirmed as a problem. The firmware update didn't help

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It's expensive

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This Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector picks up speed enforcement radar from the front and back, including K, Ka, X and Ku bands. It uses satellite GPS to find speed traps, cameras and other speed enforcement in relation to the car. It gives visual alerts with the LED display and audible alerts. This detector is designed to minimize false alarms.

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  • Crystal-clear voice alerts and high resolution display
  • Variable speed radar performance
  • AutoLearn intelligence
  • User-selectable preferences
  • Safety warning system
  • Brightness controls
  • Equipped with a comprehensive owner's manual
  • Quick-release windshield mount
  • Coiled SmartCord
  • Quick reference card
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This radar detector alerts you to a threat with an audible alert and a visual alert on the LED screen. The alerts are different for different types of threats so you can tell the difference. You can customize the alerts and mute them. 

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It includes a database of speed cameras, red light cameras and speed traps across North America. This database is updated often and the Escort comes with three months of free downloadable updates. Most radar detectors cannot detect red light cameras because they do not emit a radar signal, but the Escort can, in addition to four different types of speed cameras. 

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The AutoLearn technology learns false alerts and locks the frequency. It can also unlock specific signals if the frequency moves or other instances.  

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Power Cord

It comes with a coiled SmartCord power adapter. The detector communicates with the plug base, which can act as a secondary control center for the 9500ix. 

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TrueLock/GPS Filter

It minimizes false alerts from alarm systems and automatic door openers. If you notice a false alert, the radar detector will record it and ignore it in the future. 

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Windshield Mount

This detector mounts to the windshield with the included suction cup system. You can adjust the mount for the right angle. It locks and unlocks by pressing a button. 

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What's In the Box

  • Escort Passport 9500ix radar detector
  • Coiled SmartCord power adapter
  • Suction cup mounting system
  • User guide/quick reference card
  • Warranty information
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this only work if the cop's speed radar is on?

    Yes, the cop's radar needs to be turned on for the radar detector to detect it.

  • What is the price of the updates?

    It costs $19.95 for one year or $39.95 for three years.

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