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AutoLoc™ custom VW Power accessory kits allow you to convert your VW's manual door locks into power. These kits will work on all VW's including Bugs, Ghias, Type lll, BTI, Rabbits, Buses, Jettas, and more! Each kit comes complete with heavy duty quiet motors, connecting hardware, 2 long range remotes, advance alarm system, and plug-n-play wire loom. Installation is made easy with custom power door lock kit w/ Alarm allows you to convert your PT Cruiser's manual locks to power locks. Each kit comes complete with heavy duty quiet motors, 2 long range remotes, connecting hardware, and wire loom. Installation is make easy with a step-by step installation instructions. AutoLoc™ 4 Door Central Power Door Locking System is unique because it allows you to activate your locks using your original plungers, eliminating the need to mount switches in your door or fill in the hole left by your original door plungers. When the plunger in your drivers door is depressed or raised, or your key is turned, the other door in your vehicle automatically power locks or unlocks. This is easily accomplished because of our 5-wire actuators with built in micro-switches, which communicate with one another to act simultaneously, resulting in prompt, professional performance and easy installation. AutoLoc™ VW kit comes with a Vehicle Security system. Measuring less than 4x 2 inches, the offers the most advanced security features ever built into a compact case. With one of the most advanced Dual-Stage Shock Sensors available, is a great alternative to the over priced and hard to install alarms that are commonly available today. Using technology developed for the Tomahawk Cruise Missile, the fully adjustable Shock Sensor features Fuzzy Logic Programming, Inchwarn first Inch mode, and 5 zones of protection. VW step by step instructions with over 19 detailed images designed for the VW Inchweekend mechanic Inch. All kits are backed by AutoLoc™ Limited Lifetime Warranty and full tech support. Insist on the best, and insist on AutoLoc™ and you be glad you did. For more information please go over to

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