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YOU WANT EXTREME POWER? AutoLoc™ is proud to introduce its line of linear actuators. The AutoLoc™ linear actuators are the ultimate accessory for installing power-operated other heavy-duty application. AutoLoc™ Deluxe linear actuators offer a built in potentiometer allowing you to program custom run times and push/pull settings when used with AutoLoc™ motor control unit. The Deluxe unit also offers a heavy duty motor backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Ideal for all custom applications where you need a powerful lifting capacity . AutoLoc™ 10:1 gear ration offers quick operation even on the most stubborn of lifting jobs. All of AutoLoc™ linear actuators offer a heavy duty built in clutch to ensure against over, and under extension of the main gear. The heavy duty built in clutch ensures your linear actuator a long life of smooth operation, while providing maximum direct power to your lift application. The light weight steel actuator case encloses high-torque electric motors and heavy-duty permanently sealed and lubricated actuator shafts. Having permanently sealed and lubricated actuator shafts ensures maximum performance without ugly hoses or greasy parts. The LA24 durable screw drive assembly means a long life of excellent performance and reliable operation. The AutoLoc™ LA24 has a 24 inch stroke with 675 pounds of push and pull and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Featured on several TV shows including Monster Garage, and Pimp My Ride AutoLoc™ kits deliver where all others fails. Insist on the best, and insist on AutoLoc™ and you be glad you did. For more information please go over to

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