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KEYLESS ENTRY DONE RIGHT! The KL 600 Keyless Entry Unit offers you a superior quality keyless entry unit at an affordable price. Packed full of features, the KL600 Keyless Entry Unit allows you to lock and unlock your doors, and still have four function left over for any other power accessory you can think of, all by remote control. You can use these functions to control windows, trunk, remote starts, and much more! Features like Parking Light Outputs (2 flashes for lock, 1 flash for unlock), Plug in Valet and LED, and a Starter Kill output ensure your vehicles security. Independent 4 Button Remote: Push button 1,to lock your doors, and button 2 to unlock your doors. Use button #4 & #3 to activate your accessory output (trunk pop) and all other items. Independent buttons make the KL600 ideal for shaved door handle kits, and remote start units. Code Learning: Lose a remote? Do Not worry AutoLoc™ KL600 can learn up to 4 different remotes. Each remote has its own coded frequency to ensure your vehicles protection. Parking Light Output: AutoLoc™ keyless entrys offer a built-in parking light output. This allows the unit to flash the parking lights once on lock and twice on unlock. This visual conformation ensures your vehicles safety. Starter Kill Output: In order to protect your vehicle when you lock your doors by remote the unit automatically cuts your ignition wire. In the event of a break in a car thief will not be able to start your vehicle! This unit also qualifies for car alarm insurance discounts from all major insurance agencies. In most cases this discount is around 5% to 20%! Featured on several TV shows including Monster Garage, and Pimp My Ride AutoLoc™ kits deliver where all others fails. Insist on the best, and insist on AutoLoc™ and you be glad you did. For more information please go over to

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