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The Epson WorkForce 610 is a mid-priced wireless all-in-one printer.

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easy to setup - configurable from a computer or the printer LCD screen

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ink cartridges (3x color, 1x black) can be replaced individually - reduces overall ink costs

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includes ink in the box

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good customer service from the manufacturer

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lots of connectivity options, including USB and a flash card reader for cameras and media drives

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ink can't be refilled - integrates chips on each cartridge

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does not have real duplex printing - users must flip paper manually

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relatively noisy operation when printing and scanning

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build quality is mediocre - the included paper tray is flimsy

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slower printing when compared to its predecessor, the Workforce 600

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The Epson WorkForce 610 is a mid-priced wireless all-in-one printer. Along with the closely related WorkForce 520, the WorkForce 610 is being promoted by Epson as the world's fastest all-in-one printer. Like the WorkForce 520, the WorkForce 610 prints 15 black and white pages per minute (ppm), but can print 9.3 color ppm as opposed to the WorkForce 520's 5.4 color ppm. With Wi-Fi and Ethernet networking, you can wirelessly access memory card slots and use the WorkForce 610 on other computers. With the PC fax feature you can fax documents directly from your computer, without having to scan them first. The environment is a consideration with the WorkForce 610 and 520: both offer the option of two-sided printing, and both are Energy Star qualified.   

  • 15 ISO black ppm/9.3 ISO color ppm
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet networking
  • High-capacity black and color cartridges
  • PC fax
  • Manual 2-side printing
  • Smudge, fade and water resistant printing
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • World's fastest all-in-one
  • 30-page automatic document feeder
  • Instant drying inks
  • Uses 70% less power than a laser printer
  • Energy Star qualified
  • RoHS compliant
  • Designed to be recycled
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