The 70 watt motor helps to keep the noise down but is powerful enough to juice several different types of fruits.

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It works quickly to extract the juice. The 70 watt motor helps to keep the noise down but is powerful enough to juice several different types of fruits. This machine has a stainless steel exterior, which isn’t just visually pleasing, but also makes the exterior easy to wipe down after use.

The spout that ejects the juice is also stainless steel and positioned so you can pour directly into a glass. The high clearance spout allows the juice to slide out and into your glass without any effort at all.

The juice also goes through a fine mesh strainer, which gives it a perfect flow without the pulp clogging up the spout. The juicer comes with two separate reams. Both are made of hard plastic, which makes juicing the fruits simpler.

The reams can also be placed in the dishwasher for easier cleaning. It’s simple to switch from large to small fruits by swapping out the reams. Just make sure you use the small ream for small fruits only.

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  • More juice yield and in less time than comparable models -Powerful, yet quiet 70-watt motor
  • Auto stop/start for one-touch operation
  • Dispenses juice directly into glass
  • Includes 2 reamers to fit all fruit sizes
  • High-clearance spout and fine mesh strainer for clog-free flow
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  • Quietly Suck Every Last Nutritious Drop from 50 Citrus Fruits in 5 Minutes By Lightly Pushing Down with a Single Hand-No Annoying On-Off Switch to Push Between Fruits Means No Wasted Energy!
  • Quickly Switch from Tiny Limes to Giant Grapefruits in Seconds By Simply Swapping Out the Small & Large Reamer
  • Extract Juice of Any Kind Into Glass Size of Your Choice with Clog-Free System
  • Easily Rinse 3 Heavy-Duty Durable Parts Clean in 10 Seconds
  • Efficiently Store Small Footprint (8.5" X 11") in Cupboard or On Countertops.
  • Naturally Enhance Your Decor with Sleek Stylish Brushed Stainless Steel Design
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you think this juicer would work for someone with extremely arthritic hands?

    I believe it might since once you cut the item, such as a lemon, you put it on the machine and can simply press down with the palms of both hands if necessary, without having to grip item too tightly. There might be a bit of movement, but it will depend a bit on how you can work with it.

  • How easy is this juicer to clean?

    Very easy to clean the Epica citrus juicer. This is the most well thoughjt out juicer I have ever seen. It is well sealed where it should be with no nooks and crannys for the pulp to get stuck in. Very few moving parts and the ones there are come out easily and are easy to clean. The basket itself will catch some pulp, as will ANY strainer basket, but if you just run it under water upside down, it's easy to clean.

  • Is the reamer itself stainless steel, or is it plastic?

    It is a very thick plastic, very sturdy.

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