The Energy Veritas V-5.1 is a mid-cost 2-way bookshelf speaker, available in two finish colors.

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The Energy Veritas V-5.1 is a mid-cost 2-way bookshelf speaker, available in two finish colors. This model is a step up from the lower cost Veritas V-Mini model in that it can handle more amplifier power (175 watts as opposed to 150 watts), has a larger woofer (5.25" as opposed to 4.5", for a stronger bass sound), and has a pair of 5-way nickel-plated binding posts for speaker connection, instead of just one. Features shared between the two models include an aluminum-domed one inch tweeter, which produces clear high frequencies. Another shared feature is the distortion-reducing Ribbed Elliptical Surrounds in the woofer. The Convergent Source Module design, which separates the drivers, aids in a low-distortion performance.

  • 2-way bookshelf loudspeaker w/ shielded drivers
  • Rear vented bass reflex design 
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz-25kHz ± 3dB 
  • Recommended Amplifier Power: up to 175 watts RMS 
  • Impedance: 8 ohms nominal; 4 ohms minimum 
  • One 1" tweeter w/ aluminum dome and neodymium motor 
  • One 5.25" woofer w/ kevlar cone and Ribbed Elliptical Surround 
  • Sensitivity: (anechoic) 90dB 
  • Crossover Point: 2.5kHz 
  • Inputs: Dual 5-way nickel-plated binding post 
  • Overall Dimensions 13.15" x 6.5" x 9.17"
  • Weight: 12lbs.
  • Color options
  • Rubber bumpers
  • Port plug
  • Built-in 3/8-16 threaded insert 
Color Options
  • Piano Black
  • Piano Rosenut
Post Review
Pilu Calapar
11/17/2012 05:43

I am a prof musician in all the ways, piano player , music lover and absorber and studio engineer.
Have been working with various speaker types , both for studio work and for listening.
Energy 5.1 is ,at least for me , among the best speaker system one can buy today, and I know what I am saying. I do not take accoun on price in my evaluation. I am thinking only about quality, musical and electrical. Buy 5
Energy 5.1 and you wount need any other speakers for a long time.

Ioan Calapar, Oslo, Norway

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