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The ESW-V10 is a midrange model subwoofer, delivering 300 watts RMS and 1200 watts dynamic amplified power output.

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Tall, rear-mounted knobs are very easy to access and adjust - much more preferable than the smaller, center-mounted knobs found on most dedicated subwoofers

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Massive volume outputting capabilities - 1200-watt amplified power handling is suitable for virtually any home entertainment setup

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Aesthetically stunning - gloss black finish, woven grille cover and brushed aluminium basket are indicative of excellent craftsmanship

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Bass is deep, tight and resonant - provides considerable low-end presence without getting in the way of other frequencies

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Built-in low bypass filter provides fully-customizable frequency control - users can easily roll off excessive sub-bass levels when necessary

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Auto-on mode is a great feature - reduces amount of physical interaction required when powering up home theater components

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Borders on "overkill" when placed in smaller rooms - suitable only for large, fully-featured home theater configurations

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The ESW-V10 is a midrange model subwoofer, delivering 300 watts RMS and 1200 watts dynamic amplified power output. This model features Energy's Ribbed Elliptical Surround technology and twin rear-firing bass-reflex ports, intended to eliminate sound distortion and increase output and fidelity. The ESW-V10 also features a fully variable phase control, adjustable to any value from -180 to 180 degrees, allowing the subwoofer to be fine-tuned to improve integration with speaker setups. In addition, this model also features a variable low pass filter, adjustable from 40Hz to 120Hz. A crossover filter switch allows for the variable low pass filter to be disabled for improved integration with a system which already includes bass management.

The Energy ESW-V10 delivers substantially more power than both the ESW-C10 and ESW-10 in addition to having a few more connection and tuning options. It is also larger and heavier than the ESW-V8, but delivers greater output power and is able to produce slightly lower frequency sounds.

  • 23Hz-120Hz +/- 3dB frequency response
  • 300 watts RMS, 1200 watts dynamic amplified power output
  • 10-inch Woven Composite Fiberglas™ Cone with Patented Ribbed Elliptical Surround
  • 40Hz-120Hz @ 18dB/octave adjustable variable low pass filter
  • -180° to +180° fully variable phase control
  • Line In/Sub In and Speaker Level In input options
  • active or bypass settings for the crossover filter switch
  • high gloss black polyurethane
  • dimensions: 14 5/8" x 14 5/8" x 15 5/8" (excluding 2 1/16” for feet)
  • weight: 39.7 lbs
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