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The Emerson Blue 1F95EZ-0671 model is a mid-grade thermostat designed to be used in standard residential applications.

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text and numbers on the display are large and clear, don't need your glasses

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keeps the temperature steady, no variation noticeable

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installs quickly if you're comfortable with wiring

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makes a very loud click whenever it turns on/off

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beeps when you're programming the temperature, which disturbs anyone sleeping in the room

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controls are a little complicated and confusing at first

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a little tricky to install for people who have never done it before

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Temperature sensor is off by 3-5 degrees: the read-out shows 73-degrees but the room temperature is actually 69-degrees and have to set thermostat to 75 to reach room temperature of 71-degrees.

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user programming can be a cumbersome and confusing process

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The Emerson Blue 1F95EZ-0671 model is a mid-grade thermostat designed to be used in standard residential applications. The Big Blue 1F95EZ-0671 features a 6 square inch blue LED display that portrays icon indicators and temperature readings/adjustments. The large indicators and numbers on the screen were designed with users 55+ in mind as well as the one button heat or cooling modes; the main focus overall appears to be simplicity. More Specifically the 1F95EZ-0671 device is compatible with all 24 VAC or millivolt systems; and includes heat pump, 4 heat/2 cool, and multi-stage 2 heat/2 cool stages.

The Emerson Blue 1F95EZ-0671 model thermostat includes additional features such as non-programmable and programmable 7-day functionality, 3 wire zone valve support, Energy Star certified, and permanent program retention in the event of a power failure. The 1F95EZ-0671 model is also tri-powered which allows the installer to choose the power source; the options are Hardwired, Battery Powered or Power Stealing Battery Assist.

  • Mid-Grade residential/light commercial thermostat
    • Single Stage
    • Multi-Stage
    • Dual Fuel/Heat Pump Control support
  • 6 square inch LED display
    • 10 Second Blue LED backlight
    • Large Touch Key Icons
    • Homeowner Specified Buttons
  • Triple-Powered (Chosen upon installation)
    • Battery
    • Hard-wired
    • Power Stealing Battery Assist (Both)
  • Programmable modes
    • 7 Day
    • Heat/Cool
    • Fan Mode
  • Non-Programmable Mode
  • Daylight Savings Mode
  • Meets Energy Star Specifications
  • 3 Wire Zone Valve
  • Support (Works With)
    • Single Stage Gas, Oil, Electric Systems
    • Single Stage Heat Pump Systems
    • Millivolt Systems
    • Multi-Stage Gas, Oil, Electric Systems
    • Multi-Stage Heat Pump Systems
  • Terminals: RC, RH, C, W/E, W2, Y, Y2, G, O/B, 6, L
  • Dimensions:
    • 4.2" H X 6.4" W X 1.7" D
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