The Emerson Blue 1F95-0671 programmable thermostat is an mid-priced offering.

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The Emerson Blue 1F95-0671 programmable thermostat is an mid-priced offering. This thermostat has a six square inch blue display screen. This is a multi-stage programmable thermostat, which means that you can set different temperature settings in different areas or rooms (as opposed to a single stage thermostat). You can choose between having just the heat pump on (which allows you to have four heated rooms or zones and two cool rooms or zones), or turning on the multi-stage setting (which allows you to have two rooms or zones heated and two cooled). Like many of Emerson's mid and upper level offerings, you can program this thermostat for seven days in a row, or 5+1+1 days. You can also choose to not program it, and make adjustments to the temperature as you wish. This thermostat has a programmable fan and is remote sense capable, meaning it will adjust its temperature to the environment around it. You can power this thermostat with your choice of hardwired, battery power, or battery stealing power assist, which is a combination of the first two options. This thermostat has the exact same specs as the closely related 1F95-0671, the difference between them being the look. Like all Emerson programmable thermostats, the 1F95-0671 is made for use with 24 VAC systems.

  • For use with 24 VAC systems
  • 6 square inch display
  • Blue display screen
  • Stages: Heat Pump, 4 Heat/2 Cool; Multi-stage, 2 Heat/2 Cool
  • 7 day or 5+1+1 day programmable
  • Choice between program/no program
  • 3-wire zone valve
  • Multi-stage design
  • Choose between hardwired, battery powered or battery stealing power assist
  • Programmable fan
  • Remote sense capable
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