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The Emerson Blue 1F85-0422 is a low-cost multi-stage programmable thermostat.

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programming is reasonably simple for anyone

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back light can stay on all the time if you want, makes a nice nightlight

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quality construction lasts for years at a time without problems

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buttons are large and separated enough that they're easy to work with when you're half asleep

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large display is easy to read in any lighting

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lots of information is displayed at once

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makes a loud mechanical clicking sound as it cycles on/off

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The Emerson Blue 1F85-0422 is a low-cost multi-stage programmable thermostat. The multi-stage design means that you can have certain rooms or areas cooled while others are heated. The stage options for the 1F85-0422 are either heat pump mode, or the multi-stage mode (which eats up more power), both of which allows you two rooms or areas heated while two rooms or areas are cooled. The closely related 1F85-0471 allows you to control one more room or area in its heat pump setting (five as opposed to four). You can program the 1F85-0422 for five days and two single days, or for five days and then two days together. You can also choose to not program it, and make temperature adjustments as you need. The display of this thermostat is four square inches of blue screen. You can choose to power this thermostat with hardwired or battery power. Like all Emerson programmable thermostats, the 1F85-0422 is made for use with 24 VAC systems.

  • Made for use with 24 VAC systems
  • Multi-stage design
  • 4 square inch display
  • Blue screen display
  • Stages: Heat pump: 2 Heat/2 Cool, Multi-stage: 2 Heat/2 Cool
  • 5+1+1 day programmable, 5+2 day programmable
  • Choice of program/no program
  • 3-wire zone valve
  • Choice of hardwired or battery power 
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