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It is a high-end touch-screen capable thermostat designed to be installed in a residential or light commercial establishment.

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Adjusts to daylight savings time on its own.

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Big, bright, easy-to-read display.

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Dual-power option allows for battery AND hard-wired power sources.

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Deeply customizable (for example, by default there are four heat settings for the day but this can be set to less for those who don't require four settings).

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"Cool Savings" feature automatically adjusts AC during peak usage times to reduce energy usage.

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Very easy to install and setup.

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Not compatible with any sensors on the market.

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The Emerson Big Blue 1F95-1277 is a high-end touch-screen capable thermostat designed to be installed in a residential or light commercial establishment; more specifically the device is meant for Single Stage, Multi-Stage and Heat Pump applications. The 1F95-1277 is part of Emerson's "90 series Big Blue Touchscreen thermostats" and replaces the older model lineup; specifically the 1F95-1271 model. The Big Blue 1F95-1277 model features a 12 square inch total touch-screen display equipped with a 10 second LED back-light; and large touch key icons meant to provide the average consumer ease of use. The Emerson Big Blue 1F95-1277 model is dual-powered; meaning the device can be either battery powered or hardwired through original thermostat placement wiring leaving the installer with the choice of power source. The 1F95-1277 includes 7 day (vacation mode), or 5/1/1 day programmable modes and an option to leave the device non-programmable upon installation.

The Emerson Big Blue 1F95-1277 includes additional features such as a remote sensing feature for both indoors/ and outdoors (wired outdoor sensor), a fully programmable fan mode, a unique circulator fan cycling mode which automatically cycles the fan on for 10 minutes and off for 20 when the thermostat has not called for cooling within the past 60 minutes, daylight savings mode, security settings with option for keypad lockout, a 3 wire zone valve and dual fuel/heat pump control.

  • High-end residential/light commercial thermostat
    • Single Stage
    • Multi-Stage
    • Dual Fuel/Heat Pump Control support
  • 12 square inch touch-screen display
    • 10 Second Blue LED backlight
    • Large Touch Key Icons
    • Security Settings- Keypad Lockout option
  • Dual-Powered (Chosen upon installation)
    • Battery
    • Hard-wired
  • Programmable modes
    • 7 Day
    • 5/1/1 Day
    • Fan Mode
    • Circulater Fan Cycling Mode
  • Non-Programmable Mode
  • Unique "Call For Service" Indicator
  • Remote Sensing (Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Daylight Savings Mode
  • Meets Energy Star and California Building Code (Title 24) Specifications
  • 3 Wire Zone Valve
  • Electrical Rating
    • Battery Power: mV to 30 VAC, NEC Class II, 50/60 Hz or DC
    • Hardwire Power: 20 to 30 VAC
  • Terminal Load: 1 .5 A per terminal, 2.5 A maximum all terminals combined
  • Setpoint Range: 45 to 99°F (7 to 37°C)
  • Differentials:
    • Single Stage: Heat 0.6°F; Cool 1.2°F
    • Multi Stage: Heat 0.6°F; Cool 1.2°F
    • Heat Pump: Heat 1.2°F; Cool 1.5°F
  • Operating Temperature: 32 to +105°F (0 to +41°C)
  • Operating Humidity: 90% non-condensing max
  • Dimensions:
    • 4 9/16”H x 5 13/16”W x 1 3/16”D
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Steve Dune
02/25/2013 07:09
Emerson big blue thermostats are great and easy to use with high efficiency on temperature controlling.
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