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The eMachines ET1331G-03w is an entry-level desktop computer released in late 2009.

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comes with Windows 7

15 agree

affordable price

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capable current generation 2.7GHz dual core CPU

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powerful enough for the vast majority of consumers

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lots of memory and disk capacity

9 agree

much more powerful than the equivalently priced nettop

8 agree

energy efficient components - 45w AMD CPU, onboard Nvidia graphics

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single monitor output, not digital

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Nvidia 6150 SE isn't powerful enough for full 1080p HD content

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plain aesthetics

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large size is not ideal for those who use their PC for basic tasks

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The eMachines ET1331G-03w is an entry-level desktop computer released in late 2009. This PC is designed to be compact, yet provide ample power and expansion capabilities for the average user. Based on the AMD Athlon II X2 dual-core processor 235e, the ET1331G-03w has a clock speed of 2.7GHz. This machine comes with 6GB of DDR2 memory, a 750GB hard drive, a 16x DVD writer and integrated Nvidia GeForce 6150 SE graphics. While this is not a gaming computer, this system should provide users with enough power for basic games. For networking, a 10/100 Ethernet LAN port has been included. Those looking to work with digital photos should find the multimedia card reader useful. Other notable features include 6 USB 2.0 ports, a headphone jack plus full 7.1 HD sound capabilities. In addition to being preloaded with Windows 7 x64, DVD recording software plus other trialware is included. This eMachine is available exclusively at Wal-Mart.

  • CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 dual-core processor 235e @ 2.7GHz
  • OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
  • Chipset: Nvidia GeForce 6150 SE
  • Memory: 6144MB DDR2 dual-channel (8GB max.)
  • Optical drive: 16x DVD±R/RW Supermulti drive
  • Media reader: multi card
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 6150 SE
  • Audio: high-definition audio support, 7.1 channels
  • Network: 10/100 Ethernet LAN (RJ-45 port)
  • Connectivity: 6 x USB 2.0, 2 x PS/2, 1 x VGA, 1 x Headphone jack, 1 x Microphone-in jack. 6 x HD audio
  • Dimensions & weight: 14.2" H x 7.1" W x 16.2" D, 18 lbs
Post Review
09/11/2012 03:13

i have had this computer for well over a year now... I purchased it knowing it had an insufficiant video for gaming, so i had a power supply from another computer went on newegg or tigerdirect

11/17/2010 09:25

I have this pc I can say it is great.. I don't know what this other guy is complaining about.. I think it is a great one of a kind machine..

Paul Besen
01/16/2010 10:48

I have had this model in for repairs once now and thats just after 2 weeks of ownership seriously its junk the dvd burner wont work half the time the computer has too many software and hardware conflicts I get the blue screen of death about once a week its just frustrating I will never ever buy an ejunk machine again !



11/21/2010 11:37

Wow Dude are you sure that you know how to repair PC? I had this PC for an year almost. Upgraded Power supply and added Ati HD 5770. Never had blue screen, never had problems but original HDD broke after a month cause whole series of those HDDs was bad, so its not eMachines fault. They couldn't know that HDD will fail and i bet that they would replace it, but i just ordered me a new one 1TB WD and had no problems since. And i bet that they come with different HDD by now.

I would suggest to you to test all the hardware, and also google for hardware review, before you do any software installation/reinstallation.

P.S. This kind of thing could happen even if you build your oun PC with new series of hardware which is not tested enough. Of course this wont happen if you buy Dell or HP, etc but it will cost you 35% more for the equal performance.



12/06/2010 02:24

I have tried to install an HD 5550 Graphics card but the system doesn't recognize it. Any tricks to help me get this running?



02/26/2011 09:20

I put an HD 5450 with no problems at all. Swapped the Power supply and maxed out the memory. Runs great



08/31/2011 06:51

Works fine for me, had it for 2 years no, NO problems. Tripple boot options too, Win7, Vista and XP Pro all work fine.

12/31/2009 11:35

Seems good enough, I mean, obviously it's a Computer not a laptop so it will be slightly big...



01/29/2011 03:20

Hi, I have the ET1331G-03w and yes it crashed on me 4-months later it was because of windows defender anti virus program did not work, My computer managed to get everything and crashed had to reinstall my rescue disk's to fix it !, Oh, i have found that if i was to up grade this computer first is the power supply now i can only go to about 350 watts only because the mother board as i was told is it is set to 250 watts from Emachine, Also my new video card that i just recived and that is Nvida 9800 GT with 1-Gig of memory will work well on the unit but must change the power supply to run it, Plus it came with 6-Gig's of system memory i also will bring this up to 8-Gig's Max.

Rember don't over 350 watts or your systerm will be unstable and some things may not correctly !



02/26/2011 09:24

My new power supply is 600 watts peak, 500 sustained. It crashed all the time on the original PS. No problems now.

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