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The eMachines EL1210-11 is an entry-level desktop PC intended mainly for basic home use and some media applications.

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excellent price for a complete computer, good value

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HD video output through HDMI is fast and lag-free

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Bluetooth has a great range and establishes a consistent connection

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fairly quick processing, can surf the web and run basic applications without much lag

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network connection fast enough for streaming HD content consistently

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comes with a smaller than average hard drive, might need to upgrade it

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not enough graphics processing for gaming puroses

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The eMachines EL1210-11 is an entry-level desktop PC intended mainly for basic home use and some media applications, and builds slightly on the earlier EL1210-09 model. It uses an AMD Athlon X2 4050e dual-core processor, with 2.1GHz clock speed and has 1MB of L2 cache. It has 3GB of DDR2 SDRAM spread over 2 RAM slots, and the 1GB stick can be upgraded to a 2GB one for a total of 4GB. It has a 160GB SATA hard drive,  and NVIDIA's GeForce 8200 integrated graphics processing with 256MB of shared video memory and a PCI-express slot available for upgrading. The operating system is Windows Vista Home Premium, including Service Pack 1, and peripherals include stereo speakers, keyboard and a PS2 wheel mouse. Like the EL1210-09, it also has 6-channel, 5.1 high-definition audio playback. The disc drive is an 18x DVD±R/RW, and there is also a digital media card reader for portable memory sticks. It has a total of 7 USB ports, some of which are mounted on the front of the case. The EL1210-11 does not include a monitor. Its main upgrades over the EL1210-09 are the extra gigabyte of RAM and the inclusion of a dual-core processor. All other specifications are the same.

  • Released July 2009
  • Entry-level pricing
  • AMD Athlon X2 4050e dual-core processor, 2.1GHz, 1MB L2 cache
  • 3GB DDR2 SDRAM, expandable up to 4GB
  • NVIDIA GeForce 8200 chipset
  • Integrated graphics processing, GeForce 8200 256MB
  • PCI slot for graphics card upgrade
  • 5.1-channel high-definition audio
  • Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 OS
  • Includes keyboard, mouse and speakers
  • 18xDVD±R/RW drive
  • 160GB SATA II hard drive
  • Media card reader
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty
  • Microsoft Works 9.0
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