Snap Circuits Alternative Energy Kit makes learning about electricity and alternate energy fun with over 125 projects to build.

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Snap Circuits Alternative Energy Kit makes learning about electricity and alternate energy FUN. With over 125 projects to build, youngsters will have endless hours of fun while learning about circuits, electricity, geothermal power and lots more. Contains over 40 parts, including the award-winning Snap Circuits, plus an instruction manual and educational manual that show step-by-step instructions for all the cool stuff you can do. For ages 8-108. 

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  • Learn about "Green Energy" options.
  • Build over 125 projects investigating altrenative energy strategies.
  • Includes full-color manual with over 100 pages and separate educational manual.
  • Contains over 40 parts. Features: Hand Crank Solar Cell FM Radio Energy Compartment Rechargeable Battery Windmill Clock Analog Meter
  • Compatible with the Snap Circuits family of electronic learning kits
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Create Working Electronic Circuits

The Snap Circuits Alternative Energy Kit comes with over 40 pieces to create 129 different electronic projects. The pieces, which include snap wires, slide switches, an electrode, a wind fan, and a rechargeable battery, snap together easily on the included plastic grid--no soldering required. Each piece is numbered and color-coded to make identifying them as easy as possible. These components combine to create working circuit boards just like the ones found inside televisions, radios, and other electronic devices.

Parts from this Alternative Energy Kit are compatible with other Snap Circuits kits. The power generated with this kit can even be used to power the experiments of other Snap Circuits projects.

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Experience Green Energy Firsthand

The Green Alternative Energy Kit offers projects specifically designed to demonstrate how renewable energy is generated. Kids can experiment with solar power, windmills, hydroelectric power, rechargeable batteries, and liquid batteries to experience green energy generation firsthand. The kit comes with green energy components, like a solar cell, a hand crank, a fan, a water wheel, and a liquid holder with an electrode. An included green energy manual provides in-depth explanations of different energy sources.

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Simple, Fun Projects Let Kids Learn While They Play

This Snap Circuits kit gives kids a fun, hands-on introduction to how electrical circuits work to run everyday electronic devices. They'll also gain valuable lessons in building, following instructions, and alternative energy. The project manual includes large color illustrations and simple directions for each project.

As they complete each of the 129 projects, children will learn about electric switches, currents, and more, while they put together devices like a working LCD clock, directional wind lights, a light-emitting diode, and a water wheel.

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What's in the Box

  • Plastic snap-grid
  • 47 components
  • Project manual
  • Green energy manual
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Choking hazard, small parts. For ages 8 and up. Order yours today. Delanco Snap Circuits Alternative Energy Kit.

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