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An update to the 1999 Team Fortress Classic, Team Fortress 2 is a team/class based multiplayer game.

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affordable price

10 agree

style of gameplay varies on map type and character - hard to get boring

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always being updated with new things and balance tweaks

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amazing replay value for the money spent - like CSS it is hard to get bored of and easy to return to

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great statistics about your playing habits/ability

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co-operative gameplay adds a new skillset requirement and further depth to the game

9 agree

Lovingly crafted

6 agree

Unique style and sense of humor not seen in other FPS games

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requires a fast Internet connection to play at all

9 agree

utilizes a lot more bandwidth than most online games

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Does not carry a lot of the old Team Fortress (Quake 1 Team Fortress / Team Fortress Classic) rules within it. It's a new game

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An update to the 1999 Team Fortress Classic, Team Fortress 2 is a team/class based multiplayer game. Based on Valve's updated source engine, the game was originally released as part of Valve's Orange Pack in October 2007 - but later as a stand-alone game in April 2008. The game invloves 2 teams made up of individuals that get to choose 1 of 9 classes of character. Each character has their own specialized skills, giving the edge to the team with the best cooperation as well as individual skill. There are many modes of gameplay - from capture the flag to attack/defend senarios that involve moving a bomb into the opponents base.

The most recent update occured on February 25th 2009. This update added new wepons and items for the Scout character, as well as new official maps. To celebrate the price of the game was also cut in half to 9.95 until the weekend.

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01/07/2012 01:43

well game is nowadays free for everyone :D

11/16/2010 06:07

It's not often you see a game being lovingly crafted anymore. This game sure is :)

02/25/2009 10:17

$9.99 until Friday, they just updated too.

12/29/2008 12:03

$9.99 until the end of December! Counter Strike: Source too!

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