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A game that takes the "Sim" concept to a monumental scale.

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Literally an endless amount of creatures you can create

9 agree

Online social networking lets you see other people's creations very easily

5 agree

Good, strong sense of progression and achievement

3 agree
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Strict DRM on the PC version

8 agree

Lack of gameplay depth in each individual "stage"

7 agree

Didn't live up to hype.

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Will Wright, the inventor of SimCity and the Sims, is working with Maxis to develop Spore, a game that takes the "Sim" concept to a monumental scale. The game begins with you controlling the first single-celled organism and you manipulate species, evolving creatures until you finally have created a race of intelligent, space-traveling beings. The game is split up into different "stages" representing the different states of evolution that borrow gameplay ideas from different genres. The cell-stage is played similar to Pac-Man, while the more evolved "Civilization" stage takes many ideas from the SimCity games. What separates Spore from previous Sim games is the amount of customization you have over all the flora and fauna in the world, and the interconnected nature of people's games. While you don't play against people directly the game seemlessly populates your game world with people's creations that are uploaded online. You can pick and choose which sets of creatures you want in your game world using the Sporepedia website, or setting a "friends-list".

  • 5 different stages of evolution - from amoeba to space ships
  • Design, create, and share your own creatures
  • Fill your world with other people's creations
  • Essentially unlimited customizations
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09/09/2008 09:37

Hmm, so its out - I'm going to see if someone will buy it for me for my birthday in the next week :D

It does sound like I'm going to agree with Omar and Yale - sort of thought that before it came out that it was likely to be novel but not very playable - but I'd like to see for myself.

09/08/2008 08:06

Apparently it has some install issues. For no reason it won't install on my friend's computer, even though he has double the requirements.

09/08/2008 12:42

Garbage game. Very little depth, way too easy on 'normal', game play is extremely simple and boring after a matter of hours. Each stage is very short. It's for children.

08/10/2007 11:03

I hope this turns out to be as cool as it has the possibility of being. Hopefully this is why it is taking SO REDICULOUSLY LONG to make it.....

01/03/2007 03:52

Oh, just you wait and see. Once my race of 7 legged, horned, razorback, lazerbeasts takes over the universe, you'll see. YOU'LL ALL SEE!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

01/03/2007 03:51

Wow, that's a strong opinion, Omar. Why are you so convinced?

01/03/2007 03:50

This game is going to suck. Mark my words. It might be a cool experience, and sell a ton of copies. But at its core, it's going to suck. Which makes me sad because I want to love it so much, and Will Wright is a great speaker.

01/03/2007 03:48

What a fantastic concept for a game. I used to play SimCity, never really saw the point of the Sims, but this game has captured my attention. Let's put Darwin* to the test folks! (*intelligent design if that makes you feel more comfortable)

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