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Those who lived the dream and gained fame and glory with Harmonix's original Rock Band are sure to find this one a hit.

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much more in depth than Guitar Hero

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80+ songs included in the game, with 20 online for free and many more for sale

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good compatibility with previously purchased content and peripherals

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Wireless instruments

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Metal reinforced bass pedal

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Drum training and freeform modes

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improved instrument quality and vocal recognition software

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Dampened drum pads

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Has a license for Beatles songs (not yet available, however)

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Ability to export Rock Band 1 songs to Xbox hard drive in order to play in Rock Band 2 without the original RB cd.

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instruments are fairly expensive, $70 for a guitar and $90 for drum kit (almost might as well invest in a real instrument)

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Solo Tour Mode now plays like free-form Band Tour Mode, so there's no structured way to play through the game song-by-song

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Not many changes or improvements over previous version

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The 20 free songs to download starting Nov. 4 are crappy

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visual appearance fails to distinguish it from Guitar Hero

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Those who lived the dream and gained fame and glory with Harmonix's original Rock Band are sure to find this one a hit. Building on the success of the original, Rock Band 2 adds new features, such as the ability to take the band online and a freestyle jam mode which lets you play drums freely with the track. With over 100 on-disc tracks, and backwards compatibility with original Rock Band downloaded content you’ll be rocking for hours. Harmonix also promises future releases of full albums to compliment the game and keep you entertained for hours on end. Released for Xbox 360 on September 14, 2008 and Playstation 3 on October 19, 2008, copies of the game are also planned for the Wii (November 16, 2008) and Playstation 2. All versions of the game have been met with high praise - helping put the Xbox 360 version in third place on the list of best selling games in September 2008.

  • All the features of the original Rock Band
  • Online-enabled World Tour mode allows recording albums, competing against other bands and facing set challenges.
  • Compatibility with original Rock Band content. Everything you downloaded for the first game will work with Rock Band 2
  • Drum tutorials and freestyle drum mode
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