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The game borrows many of the elements from the popular Guitar Hero franchise.

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Play as a full rock band with friends (vocals, guitar, bass, drums)

17 agree

Compatible with Guitar Hero controllers

14 agree

Amazing song selection (better than Guitar Hero)

11 agree

Amazing drums peripheral

10 agree

Improved guitar peripheral over Guitar Hero

9 agree

If you can play drums in Rock Band then you can play drums in real life (and vis versa)

8 agree

Many downloadable songs available at a reasonable price

8 agree

Creating your own rock star is awesome

7 agree

Fantastic band shots in the background that reminiscent of the real band

6 agree

Good practice mode allows for on-the-fly tempo changes and loops automatically

6 agree

Inexpensive considering the included mic, guitar, and drums

5 agree

Phoneme detection for vocals

4 agree

not made by ACTIVISION

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In world tour mode have to replay the same songs multiple times

9 agree

No "free-form" drumming mode to practice drums without a song

8 agree

No online career mode

7 agree

Playing notes isn't as satisfying as Guitar Hero

6 agree

Bass pedal will break because of poor construction and design

6 agree

Vocals are difficult to hear over song

6 agree

Bass is stupid and boring and no option to have two guitarists

6 agree

Bass foot pedal doesn't fasten securely and is too loose

6 agree

Vocals are TOO difficult

5 agree

Single player isn't as good as Guitar Hero

5 agree

Rock Band's guitar is outperformed by Guitar Hero III's guitar

4 agree

Not enough variety in the type of song

3 agree

Should encourage kids to play real instruments, not the other way around

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Rock Band is the highly anticipated game in which players play along with rock music with the included microphone, guitar, and drum accessories. The game borrows many of the elements from the popular Guitar Hero franchise. Rock Band is developed by Harmonix, published by MTV Games, and will be distributed by Electronic Arts. Harmonix has released the titles of 35 songs included with the games. Additionally, other songs can be purchased and downloaded.


The game includes a Rock Band branded Fender Stratocaster guitar (wired for Xbox 360, wireless for PS3/PS2 versions) that offers some improvements over the guitar included with Guitar Hero. There are 5 fret buttons located further up the neck of the guitar dedicated for solo sections using hammer-ons and pull-offs (no strumming required). Also, there is an effects switch on both the wired and wireless version.

Harmonix has confirmed that the Guitar Hero and third-party guitar controllers are compatible with Rock Band.


The included drum accessory has 4 foam pads used as a snare, hi-hat, tom-toms, and crash/ride cymbal that you hit in a very similar fashion as the real drums. There is also a foot pedal for simulating the bass/kick drum. It is similar to the drums in the DrumMania arcade game. The drums feature detachable legs so you can set it up on a table top.

The drums match playing the drums so closely, that Harmonix claims that if you can play the drum parts on the Hard difficulty in the game, you can play the drums in real life.


Rock Band includes a microphone similar to the one found in Harmonix's Karaoke Revolution. Rock Band adds a phoneme detector to sense for vowels and consonants, instead of merely matching pitch and timing like in Karaoke Revolution. The microphone doubles as a cowbell and tambourine when there are no vocals.

It will be released Friday, November 23rd, 2007 for both the Xbox 360 and PS3. It will be released for the PS2 on December 10th. The game will include a microphone, guitar, and drums and will retail for $169, less than the anticipated $199.

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11/20/2008 08:09

I played it again at a friends house. The pit orchestra band for a musical (including me on drums/piano, a bass player, and a guiter player) were there and we tried playing rock band. The calibration was so bad we failed in under thirty seconds. We did a manual recalibration, and it was still off. If I, WHO ACTUALLY PLAYS DRUMS IN REAL LIFE, can't do rock band, then rock band is f'ed up.

06/15/2008 11:38

I play drums and tenors in marching band (which have the same setup as the four drums in Rock band). I played Rock Band at Best Buy on the drums. First I did "Wave of Mutilation" on easy and it was really freakin' easy. So I did it on expert and hit 83% the first time. So it's relatively realistic.

03/18/2008 10:59

So I got my new replacement pedal from FedEx. In spite of obviously thicker plastic ribs and reinforcements, it start to crack in the same place again. There is a design flaw with the pedal. I have a workaround involving a 6" piece of baseboard and electrical tape. I have to wear crocs to play. Oh well..

After-market metal Rock Band pedals anyone?

03/05/2008 05:07

My drum pedal broke in two places. I'm getting it replaced by EA, but it to me, they didn't reinforce the pedal with thick enough plastic or put enough reinforcement ribs. My next pedal will be modded to make sure this doesn't happen again.

03/02/2008 07:34

I just bought Rock Band. It is amazing. The drums are by far the best instrument. They actually are pretty good practice for playing drums for real, even if it dosen't look or act much like a real set. It really comes into its own as a party game. Setting up four people in a room and rocking out is very satisfying.

And everything Erik said.

01/28/2008 10:08

I finally got Rock Band this weekend. I played it for 8 hours straight yesterday.

You can tell they've taken their cues from the Guitar Heroes series (which isn't a bad thing). The drumming is everything I hoped it would be, and I seriously recommend this game to people who want to learn to play drums. It's an excellent teaching aid.

The game is pretty much as I expected it, with a few notable positive points I didn't realize:
- amazing songs (way better selection that GH, especially if you're not a guitar enthusiast)
- fantastic music-video-like band shots in the background that are true to the artist. I especially like the 70s psychedelics for Black Sabbath Paranoid.
- the practice mode is better than GH because it allows you to speed up/slow down on the fly, and the section automatically repeats until you stop it. You will need the practice mode as the songs get progressively tougher, at least on the drums

01/02/2008 12:54

Regarding the "...Rock Band includes a microphone similar to the one found in Harmonix's Karaoke Revolution...", is it a specialized version, or either the "SingStar" or the "Karaoke revolution" (thery're not cross compatible) fits "Rock Band"?
Will the "Rock Band" microphone fit either "SingStar" or "Karaoke revolution"?

on the PS2...

Did anybody try this?

12/28/2007 12:33

Finally got to play this in a more realistic setting at a friend's place with a full "band". And man was it an awesome time. Wow. It really is the ultimate party game. Being able to switch instruments keeps the fun fresh and interesting, where always playing the guitar in GH can get stale after a while.

My favorite activity was actually the singing. Being able to really rock out is just too much fun. Drums are next in line for me, with Guitar being third and Bass being a very distant dead last. It actually makes me angry how crappy the bass is. It's the same with Guitar Hero. Bass just isn't fun, even on Expert modes it's just not engaging at all. I still have no idea WHY they don't let you have both players play the Guitar parts. It makes no sense whatsoever.

In general though, the Guitar really isn't as difficult/engrossing as in Guitar Hero, so for someone like me that is on an Expert level at GH, nothing in Rock Band is really challenging. Whereas with the singing and drums I can barely do well on easy/medium!

And creating your own band member makes playing that much better.

11/23/2007 01:28

Got this yesterday. It is a blast when play with three folks. We played for six hours without knowing it. That says something. We switched around just to try the different items. I spent the most time on the drums. They can get hard at times. The price is a bit high but It could be the best party game ever.

11/22/2007 01:36

From the picture of the drums, it doesn't seem very similar to real life. And for Rock Band's price, you might as well go out and buy a cheap guitar and actually learn how to play.

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