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It is an upcoming racing game developed by Criterion Games and Exient in conjunction with Electronic Arts.

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vast array of really hot real-world cars to play with

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nothing that kids can't see, anyone can play it

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music and sound effects are perfect for this kind of game, make everything more exciting

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gameplay is challenging enough for racing game fans

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multiplayer is well rendered, adds a whole new level of challenge to play against a live person

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graphics are flawless, everything looks realistic and gorgeous

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controls are easy to master, takes very little practice

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camera angles are awkward occasionally, flips the camera around on you while turning if someone crashes

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Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is an upcoming racing game developed by Criterion Games and Exient in conjunction with Electronic Arts. Slated for release on November 16th 2010, this is the 16th title in the Need For Speed series and will be available for all major gaming consoles as well as Windows XP and Vista DVD-Rom. Inspired by earlier releases in the series, this game features police chase-style interaction where players can choose to operate as either the law enforcement or the assailant. Each profile features its own career mode that will lead users through massive terrain maps up to four times larger than in previous Need For Speed games, with role-specific power-ups available that include "Roadblocks" for police and "Radar Jamming" for escapees. Online gameplay is supported through a split-screen layout, with the addition of a networking client called "Autolog" enabling linked players to submit their best times and scores for others to beat. Hot Pursuit revolves around a credited experience system known as "Bounty", providing users with access to knew vehicles and mode types upon previous achievements. In addition, players are able to synchronize their own music within the game for a fully customized soundtrack experience. 

  • Available for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Windows XP and Vista
  • 16th title in Need For Speed series
  • Police chase-style gameplay
  • Players choose between "Cop" and "Racer" roles
  • Power-up system for including Roadblocks and Radar Jamming
  • Open-world map design with over 100 miles of open road
  • Soundtrack customizability
  • Autolog individual player stat database
  • Online multiplayer support for up to 12 players
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