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Mirror's Edge is a first-person action game from EA DICE that sees you take on the role of Faith.

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Able to perform some really cool maneuvers

7 agree

Fantastic animation and sense of weight

6 agree

Very immersing experience

5 agree

Great music and presentation

4 agree

Controls extremely well

4 agree

Strong female protagonist without stereotypical overexaggerations

4 agree

Fast loading and restarting times

3 agree

Viewing other people's ghosts makes time trials more approachable

3 agree

Fantastic graphics

3 agree

Time trials are addictive

1 agrees
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Weak plot

5 agree

Some sections are extremely difficult making you repeat them dozens of time

4 agree

If you don't like the time trials, then the game can be short

4 agree

Animated cutscenes are pretty cheesy

3 agree

Combat mechanics are not fluid and break the flow of the game

2 agree

DRM for PC version. "Securom PA" Protection.

2 agree

Gets repetitive.

1 agrees

Some levels you cant find where to go and you lose your groove.

1 agrees

Gets frustrating missing a jump 15 times.

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Mirror's Edge is a first-person action game from EA DICE that sees you take on the role of Faith, a "runner" that lives in a near-future totalitarian city and has to fight to clear the name of herself and her sister. The game has drawn attention for two main reasons, the first is the unique visuals that are extremely bright, clean with a technologically advanced lighting engine. The second major reason this game has attracted attention is because it forgoes the traditional shooting/action staples of First Person action games, and instead acts similar to a Mario platformer with an emphasis on well timed jumps and acrobatic maneuvers.

  • First-person perspective
  • Based on Unreal Engine 3 technology
  • Available for both PS3, Xbox 360 in 2008.
  • Available for PC in early 2009
  • Single player only
  • Story mode, Speed Run Mode, and Time Trial mode (all with leaderboards)
  • Can complete the entire game without firing a bullet

Mirror's Edge is one of the first games that sees you taking control of a Parkour athlete from a first person perspective. You can do all the traditional Parkour moves such as wall-running, vaulting, landing-rolls, and just regular running and jumping. Controlling these maneuvers is done using a simplified control scheme where one button refers to "Up" and another button refers to "down" with the specific actions taken depending on the context of the character. Advanced techniques employ the use of many button pushes happening in sequence with the correct timing.

There is an element of combat to the game that involves Faith punching and kicking her way through guards and cops. Faith can even pickup a gun to shoot and kill cops, though the shooting is deemphasized as the guns don't reload when you're done with them.

Game Modes

There are three main modes: Story Mode, Time Trial, and Speed Run

Story Mode - the "main" mode of the game, this sees Faith progressing through the story running through the different levels each one separated by an animated cutscene that progresses the plot.

Time Trials - specific courses that need to be completed as quickly as possible. These feature no enemies and are simply a race against the clock. There are three different qualifying times that award a different star amount, 1 being the slowest, and 3 stars awarded for the fastest time. This mode also sees global leaderboards for each of the events with downloadable ghosts that can be raced against.

Speed Runs - this mode sees you trying to complete the actual story mode levels under a specified "qualifying" time.

Post Review
12/10/2008 05:21

I've been following this game ever since the trailer came out early in 2008. The visuals, music, and concept grabbed me from the beginning because I love beautiful games that are also innovative in their design. I must admit that the actual execution didn't meet my lofty expectations, however the game is very fun and if you can look past some of the more glaring flaws can be quite stellar.

I think DICE pulled it off with the whole freerunning/parkour mechanic which is the core of the game. Just running around and jumping from wall to wall is enjoyable in itself, and this really comes to its own in the time trial mode.

If you're only playing the game for the story mode then it's definitely a rental, and can see turning some people off. I recommend putting the game on Easy so the combat portions of the game aren't as difficult and don't ruin the thing overall. I hope that in the sequel they focus more on the flow of the game, and incorporate that better into combat by letting you escape from ALL encounters (not just most of them) and letting you fight while running.

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