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Medal of Honor: Airborne is the first Medal of honor game for the next-generation consoles and the 11th in the series.

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Parachuting is a cool new addition to the franchise

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Fighting with allies feels good as they actually help out and take positions

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Action is intense

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High quality presentation

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Free form gameplay increases replayability

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Multiplayer mode is pretty shallow

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Game is short (less than 10 hours)

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Medal of Honor: Airborne is the first Medal of honor game for the next-generation consoles and the 11th in the series. True to its namesake, Airborne sees you taking control of Private Boyd Travers part of the United States 82nd Airborne Division during the second World War. Each mission begins with a parachute drop as you jump out of your C-47 transport and land anywhere on the map. From there you often work with your allies against the axis to fulfill mission objectives that are both set out at the beginning briefing and introduced dynamically as the level progresses.

Similar to other World War 2 games Airborne sees you taking part in various operations around the European theater of war, including the invasion of Normandy. Unlike the popular MoH:Allied Assault title, you don't take part in the actual Normandy invasion itself, instead you drop in a few hours earlier to clear the way for advancing soldiers. Regardless of the level's objectives the overall layout of each mission remains the same involving the drop, fighting with your allies, and completing objectives.

The gameplay mechanics are similar to the average first person shooter with a few new twists that EA adds. More accurate aiming is accomplished by looking down the "iron sights" which prevents you from moving, but allows you to lean left and right. A sprinting ability is included that lasts indefinitely, however you can't fire your gun while activating the sprint. Lastly, and in the biggest departure from other WW2 shooters, Airborne lets you upgrade your weapons. "Experience" is tied to each weapon, the more you use it, and the more kills you get the more experience is gained. At certain thresholds the gun gains a new level (up to 3) that adds a bonus, such as more ammo in a clip, or less recoil.

A multiplayer mode is available on all three versions of the game. There are three different game types, each revolving around two teams: Axis and Allies. In "Airborne Teammatch" the Allied team drops into the map similar to the single player game, and has to eliminate the Axis side. "Regular Teammatch" is the same thing except both sides start on the ground. The third mode is a territories mode similar to that found in games such as Battlefield 2. Six maps are included with the game, and online supports up to 12 players at a time.

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09/12/2007 09:27

Well, even team combat the headset isn't totally integral especially with public matches. Most times the teams are poorly unorganized. However, there are those moments in Ghost Recon or Halo where your team will start spontaneously talking to each other and you start destroying the other team. That's what having a headset is all about.

09/11/2007 10:24

Nintendo needs to protect humanity from swearing and racist comments online! But then youll never have the satisfaction of hearing the arse yell into the mic when you snipe him. Good times... There are a lot of annoying people online. The only real problem I see due to the lack of headsets is when doing team based combat. How will you talk to your allies? Bring up the little Wii keyboard and text?

09/11/2007 06:00

I agree that headsets have a significant impact on the online experience. Even if you run into a lot of annoying people, just being able to interact with them through voice makes things far more social and fun! Imagine a real life sport where nobody talked... it'd be creepy. The problem with the Wii, and PS3 as well, is that they don't have a headset standard. That's a genius move that Microsoft made with the 360 since a majority of people have headsets instead of a minority. With friends codes, no headset etc, Nintendo doesn't emphasize the social aspect of online gaming which is where the most fun is had.

09/11/2007 04:52

Now for the real argument, WHO CARES ABOUT ANOTHER WWII SHOOTER. Get Call of Duty 4. And thats very true about the online in MOH Heroes, Wii needs a great online shooter. Battalion Wars 2 might be good too. Nintendo needs to make a headset if they really want to get into the online market though.

09/11/2007 03:51

Losing Airborne isn't that big of a deal. It's a decent game, but nothing ground breaking. Actually Vanguard might even be better as it has 32 person multiplayer instead of a paltry 12! Considering there are no other online shooters on the Wii, that game should have a healthy audience of people playing. The demo of Airborne is fun, if VERY generic.

09/11/2007 03:30

This was supposed to come out on the Wii as well, but instead we get Medal of Honor Vanguard. It had two parachuting sequences in the whole game if I remember correctly. Now all Wii owners have to look forward to is Medal of Honor Heroes 2, a port of the PSP game. Though if it comes together it might be a worthwhile game.

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