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It is a video game available for the Wii, Playstation 3, Playstation 2, Xbox 360, Wnidows (PC) , Apple OSX, PSP and DS.

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Hogwarts has been realistically copied from the recent films and is fully explorable, a treat for Potter fans

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Makes good use of the Wiimote motion sensing for stirring/creating potions and casting various spells

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2-player spell-casting duel mode

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Overall game ultimately boils down to the same 3 mini games over and over

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Previous knowledge of the plot of "Half Blood Prince" required in order to piece together the fragmented story retelling in the game.

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View & movement controls are clunky and distracting from gameplay

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Quiddich loses its essence by forcing the player to simply aim Wiimote at the screen to fly through stars rather than actively participating in anything remotely similar to Quiddich itself

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Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince is a video game available for the Wii, Playstation 3, Playstation 2, Xbox 360, Wnidows (PC), Apple OSX, PSP and DS. Closely related to the movie of the same name, the game features Harry and his friends during their sixth year at the Hogwarts school. They, of course, will need your help to get through the year.

Gamers will enjoy learning to create magical spells during Potions class, dueling talented wizards, and learning to work side by side with the incredible Dumbledore. With your help, Harry and his friends will work to defeat Voldemort inside a castle that is no longer the safe haven the children once thought it to be.

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01/06/2010 05:07

I was given this as a gift and would never of bought it on my own. Still I am giving the game a chance (waste not, want not) but it is really testing my patience.

The graphics aren't bad and in some parts had me going "ohhh", since I am well aware of the Wii's graphical limitations, but the animation is pretty stiff. Also note that none of the actors lend their voices to the game, though I personally haven't found the dopplegangers distracting.

The game seems to be loosely following the plot of the film but it leaves out great big chunks which I find distracting even though I already know the story. I understand making a literal scene-by-scene game would be impractical but they could of done something about it. The cut scenes interrupt far too often (at least at the start) to make it easy for the player to immerse themselves in the world.

But for all the good bits, the controls are TERRIBLE. I've been gaming my whole life and one thing that all the games I've liked and replayed have in common is good controls. It seems like it would be straightforward: the thumbstick on the nunchuck is for movement, but then you have to hold B and move the Wiimote around to change your view angle, and while that *could* be a feaseable way of managing things, it ends up being very jerky and the camera tends to look at the ground. There are SO many places where you have to use your wand to levitate and throw things accurately and while its fun to use a particular action with the Wiimote to cast "wingardium leviosa", it ruins the effect when you cannot wrangle the stupid camera/character to be looking in the right direction for the object to be thrown.

And that's all within the first 15 minutes of playing. This game is not endearing itself to me and is quickly becoming one of the most displeasureable games to play that I own, second only to "Wii Play".

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