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Just pour water into the internal reservoir, plug this portable ice maker in, and enjoy!

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3 sizes of ice

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Makes tiny ices

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Wrapped in commercial grade stainless steel, the new EdgeStar Portable Stainless Steel Ice Maker with Electronic Controls (model: IP210SS) allows you to make ice virtually anywhere there is 115 Volt power. Just pour water into the internal reservoir, plug this portable ice maker in, and enjoy! Within six minutes you'll have your first batch of cold, refreshing ice.

Here are the reasons the EdgeStar Portable Ice Maker with Stainless Steel finish and Digital Display is in a class of its own: Easy-to-use electronic controls - Controlling this ice maker is a breeze with the simple buttons. Plug this ice maker in, pour in some water, press the on button, and it starts cranking out ice! Compact size - Standing under 15" high and with a compact footprint, this ice maker is perfect for countertop use- whether in the kitchen or wet bar Wrapped stainless steel finish - New and improved, the EdgeStar stainless steel portable ice maker features a body wrapped in true commercial grade stainless steel for unparalleled durability and style.

The EdgeStar stainless steel portable countertop ice maker produces up to 28 pounds of ice per day, and it stores up to 2 pounds of ice in an insulated storage compartment. No drain is required, and you can even select the ice cube size (three selections.) Note: This icemaker is not a freezer. The ice stored in the reservoir will eventually melt and then reform again. 

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  • Easy to use electronic controls, Stores up to 2 pounds of ice at a time
  • Stainless steel wrapped body with matching silver lid, 3 different ice cube sizes
  • 1 gallon water reservoir; No drain required; Produces ice in under 10 minutes
  • Makes up to 28 pounds of ice per day
  • Perfect for your RV, boat, or small kitchen
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it use a lot of electricity if left on all the time

    I have never turned mine off so I am sure it is not a lot of electricity.

  • Does the small setting make the soft ice like you get at Sonic?

    I have only used the medium and I think the small would be the same shape of cube probably but just smaller. I can tell you this though...usually how this thing works is that it makes the ice and when the cubes are first made they are kinda hard but by the time that the bin is more full...when you take out the cubes they are nice and soft and perfect for people like me who like to eat ice without killing their teeth. The shape of the cube is like a bullet with a hollowed out center so they are easy to chomp on if that's what you like but not too soft so that they melt right away. I let mine run all the time and it makes ice till it runs out of water and it has been working great.

  • Does it have a basket or bin for emptying extra ice into freezer?

    A basket not very big and does not make ice very fast. Good for maybe 6 glasses

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