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Maintain the proper humidity level in your home with the EdgeStar 30 Pint Portable Dehumidifier (DEP301EW) .

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Maintain the proper humidity level in your home with the EdgeStar 30 Pint Portable Dehumidifier (DEP301EW). This portable dehumidifier removes up to 30 pints of moisture from the air over a 24 hour period and covers an area of up to 1,500 square feet. Weighing in at only 29 pounds, the EdgeStar 30 pint portable dehumidifier is compact but loaded with features that make this model versatile and suitable for your home. Low temperature operation and auto de-icer functionality make this EdgeStar portable dehumidifier well-suited for basement and crawl space environments.

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  • Removes 30 pints of moisture; Recommended for room sizes of 400 sq. ft.; Removes moisture in an area up to 1,500 sq. ft.
  • Removable 3.5 liter water bucket; Electronic controls w/ precision humidistat; Adjustable humidity range of 35-80% relative humidity
  • Low temperature operation with minimum temp of 41 degrees F (In Manual Mode); Auto de-icer; Two (2) fan speeds
  • Energy Star Rated; Quiet operation; Direct drain option; Perfect for basement and crawl space environments.
  • For a 50 pint version of this model please see DEP501EW or 70 pint DEP701EW
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Coverage Area

The DEP301EW will remove 30 pints of moisture in a 24 hour period. When choosing a dehumidifier, the room size and humidity levels are important to consider. This dehumidifier can cover up to 1500 square feet but for optimal moisture removal, it is recommended for use in rooms up to 400 square feet. Humidity levels should range from damp to very damp to maximize functionality. Ideal locations for this unit are bathrooms, small bedrooms, or small living spaces.

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Top Loading Filter

Innovative top loading filter that eliminates the need to remove the water bucket before changing or cleaning the filter. The filter can be upgraded to antimicrobial silver ion filter.

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Automatic Shut Off

Both the dehumidifier and internal fan automatically shut off when desired humidity level is met or when the water bucket is full which saves energy and utility costs.

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Convenient portability thanks to the heavy duty caster wheels, easy grip handle, and compact size.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this unit have direct drain hookup for water hose drain?

    Yes, it is threaded for a regular garden hose to hook up to it.

  • Does it have a washable Filter?

    Yes it does. It slides out from the top.

  • What are the dimensions of the unit? Also,the dimensions of the shipping box?

    Unit is 10" x 14" x 20". shipping box is 11.5" x 15" x 20.5"

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