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It is a top of the line CD receiver offered by Eclipse, designed to give audiophiles the sound the want in their cars.

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buttons are easy to use, all give good tactile feedback when pressed

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capable of extremely high clarity and detail when properly tuned with the correct crossover

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durable construction, everything feels heavy-duty and secure

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controls take some getting used to

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if not tuned right upon installation can output poor sound quality

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missing any extras like MP3 playback, HD radio, Bluetooth, etc.

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display is monochrome and a bit boring

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The Eclipse CD7200 mkII is a top of the line CD receiver offered by Eclipse, designed to give audiophiles the sound the want in their cars.  Strictly selected high end components like copper-plated chassis and gold-plated connecters are chosen to give the best possible audio performance. There is a high 8v pre-amp and no power amplification allowing the user to choose high quality amplifiers to be used for a multi-amp system.  The system response can be sent to and analyzed by E-iSERV and then loaded back into the CD7200 to optimize and customize the overall sound in any car environment. A dedicated 24-bit DSP contols all audio levels and complex EQ parameters giving the user full control over the desired sound.  This system handles CD and USB input, with MP3 and WMA compatibility.  The system is HD and satellite radio ready, as well as iPod control ready with the purchase of the required accessories.  A pro-tunning microphone can also be purchased to help optimize the systems frequency response.  Built in Bluetooth allows hands free calling, with the incoming audio streamed through the car's speakers for clearer sound. The faceplate can be illuminated in 6 different patterns using a combination of blue, green and amber to match the car's interior color scheme.  The twin security system includes a detachable front plate, and ESN system lock, which is unlocked by user-designated CD or USB device. Remote included.

  • No power amplification
  • Copper-plated chassis
  • Gold-plated RCA pins
  • Built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • USB Connection
  • Fulldot VF display
  • E-iSERV connectivity
  • 11-band/7-band PEQ
  • Time alignment
  • Crossover
  • Circle Surround II
  • Multi Harmonizer
  • 8V Pre-Out
  • 6-pattern illumination
  • Remote Control
  • E-LAN data link system
  • AUX Input
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