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The Eclipse CD3200 is the mid-line CD receiver offered by Eclipse, and is designed to provide high performance and versitility.

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Multiple EQ settings enable enhanced control of audio content - excellent feature for knowledgeable users looking to adjust specific frequencies

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Very easy to configure hands-free Bluetooth support - automatically lowers stereo audio level for convenience when answering calls

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Wide array of connectivity/playback options is a major selling point - CD, USB, MP3 player and radio support are all functional and reliable

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Overall audio quality is fantastic - produces powerful, balanced sound with clear treble range and full-bodied low-end

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Owners manual is sparse and unclear - many users will have to resort to online help or hired professional assistance

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Users may encounter involuntary repetition of selected songs on burned CDs - certain MP3 files may be unsupported, and trigger a loop of the compatible files that precede it

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Auxiliary input is seemingly limited to iDevices - users report a variety of issues encountered with other portable media players

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The Eclipse CD3200 is the mid-line CD receiver offered by Eclipse, and is designed to provide high performance and versitility. The first point of interest is the clean, uncluttered look which is accomplished using a multi-function knob and easy to read VF display.  The built in 4 channel 50W MOSFET power section has a 5V preamp to drive additional power amps. A 3-band PEQ gives the user control over the output sound.  The CD3200 can read CDs and has a USB port, with the ability to play MP3 and WMA files.  The system is HD Radio, Satellite Radio and iPod full control ready, with the purchase of the required accessories.  This system also has built in Bluetooth for handsfree calls, which streams incoming audio through the car's speakers for  better sound. The faceplate can be illuminated in 6 different patterns using a combination of blue, green and amber to match the car's interior color scheme.  The twin security system includes a detachable front plate, and ESN system lock, which is unlocked by user-designated CD or USB device. Remote included.

  • Built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • USB Connection
  • Fulldot VF display
  • E-iSERV connectivity
  • MOSFET 50W  4
  • 3-band PEQ
  • Crossover
  • 5V Pre-Out
  • 6-pattern illumination
  • Twin Security System
  • Remote Control
  • E-LAN data link system
  • AUX Input
  • Detachable Front Panel
  • ESN (Key CD Security)
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