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The Eclipse AVN7000 is an automotive navigation/multimedia system that features a 20GB 1.8" hard disk drive.

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has a large internal HDD that will hold more than you ever need it to

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preamp is well powered and ideal for aftermarket amplifier expansion

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volume knob feels solid and is easy to work with

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manual doesn't cover all the functions and doesn't answer any questions

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navigation data doesn't cover everywhere in the country

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menus are cryptic and poorly organized

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interface is a bit clunky and counter-intuitive

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priced much higher than most systems, out of reach for most users

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power button only turns the sound off, leaves the nav unit and display on

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The Eclipse AVN7000 is an automotive navigation/multimedia system that features a 20GB 1.8" hard disk drive.  The other HDD navigation system offered by Eclipse is the AVN5495, which has fewer features and a smaller screen.  The AVN7000 has a retractable 7" TFT display with touch control for easy operation.  The compact 20GB hard drive gives quick response from the navigation database for searching or rerouting tasks.  The graphic and navigation data is driven by a single high-performance monolithic IC ultima engine to give accelerated processing.  The AVN7000 is also a powerfull multimedia system with DVD, CD/CD-R/CD-RW, MP3, WMA and ATRAC3 capabilities and can be upgraded for SIRIUS radio, HD Radio, TV Tuner and iPod controls. With the purchase of an extra 7" monitor, this system is capable of dual zone operation for front and rear passengers. Features such as 7-band Parametric EQ and speaker Time Alignment give the user maximum control over the sound, and optional 5.1 surround provides even greater quality. The twin security system includes a detachable front plate and system locking forms.  Other upgrades include rear and side cameras, and 8 disc CD changer.

  • 20GB 1.8 HDD
  • 7ยดยด wide display
  • Touch control
  • over 32,000 map colors
  • approx. 4 million POIs
  • Multiple search modes
  • Split screen displays in navigation
  • Map scale from 150 feet to 250 miles
  • Time zone (7 areas including Hawaii)
  • Voice guidance in English and French
  • DVD Video
  • Dual zone operation
  • MOSFET 50W  4
  • 5.1 ch. SOUND (option)
  • E-iSERV connectivity (option)
  • Dual color illumination
  • FM/AM
  • Advanced 24-bit  DAC
  • 7-band PEQ
  • Time alignment
  • Crossover
  • Listening Position Selector
  • Memory Stick DUO
  • MS ESN security
  • Detachable front panel
  • 5V preamp output (with DCU105)
  • AV output for rear monitor
  • AV input
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