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Based on the previous AVN5510 and AVN6610 models, Eclipse has taken what works and improved upon the design.

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DVD playback is smooth and consistent - excellent quality for official and user-made discs alike

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Bluetooth connectivity is functional and easy to configure - unit pairs automatically with the user's headset upon powering up

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Overall sound quality is very good - volume level is loud enough for fast highway driving, and music playback (radio/MP3) is relatively clear and balanced

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Overall GPS navigation is excellent - directions are clear, concise and accurate with easy-to-read map data

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Voice command support is very poor - users must conduct multiple attempts even when speaking slowly and clearly

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POIs (Points Of Interest) are sparse and seemingly out of date - many locations reference business names places that no longer exist

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Lacks sufficient map data updates - may result in confusing/non-existent directions, especially surrounding commercial areas and major cities

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The Eclipse AVN6620 is an all-in-one automotive navigation/multimedia system designed to give car owners the most utility possible from one device.  Based on the previous AVN5510 and AVN6610 models, Eclipse has taken what works and improved upon the design. The large 7" touch screen display  is designed to give a factory-fit appearance and features large easy to use icons.  First and formost, this is designed to be a navigation system and has many navigation features such as GPS, speed sensor, gyro control and voice guidance which is played through the car speakers.  This model also has the ability to add front and rear cameras.  There are 11 seperate navigation search modes making it easy to reach any destination.  Adding the SIR-ECL2nt option provides realtime traffic information through SIRUS radio.  The city maps provide street-level detail showing buildings and various identification points making it easy to recognize where you are.  The AVN6620 includes a built in DVD ROM and DVD player which allows CD playback and the ability to watch DVD movies when the system is in park.  This system can also be upgraded to include SIRIUS radio and iPod controls. With the purchase of an extra 7" screen, this system can provide dual play capability giving passengers in the rear independant entertainment from that front.  Other features include Circle Surround II, Bluetooth ready, MP3/WMA playback and ESN theft-protection.

  • DVD Navigation
  • 7 wide display
  • Touch control
  • approx. 8.76 million POIs
  • City map
  • Traffic Information
  • DVD Video
  • Dual zone operation
  • Multiple search modes
  • Split screen displays in navigation
  • Map scale from 150 feet to 250 miles
  • Time zone (4 areas)
  • Voice guidance in English, French and Spanish
  • 50W  4
  • Circle Surround II
  • FM/AM
  • Advanced 24-bit  DAC
  • 7-band PEQ
  • Crossover
  • Listening Position Selector
  • 5V preamp output
  • AV output for rear monitor
  • AV input
  • ESN (Key CD security)
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