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The Easton Synergy EQ50 is an upper mid-cost composite hockey stick.

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Model variations ensure your stick feels comfortable

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Easy to grip- No unwanted movement in your hands

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Customizable weighted end cap is kind of gimmicky

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This stick can break when it's still pretty new

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The finish of the stick comes off pretty quickly

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Not the lightest stick- especially when you compare it to other sticks in the same price point

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The Easton Synergy EQ50 is an upper mid-cost composite hockey stick. Easton promotes this stick as the ultimate combination of balance and control. The Synergy composite used to make all of the sticks in this line is designed for power and energy transfer. The Synergy EQ50 has Visible Focus Weight Technology. This technology redistributes weight to the impact area, a design that helps to control hard passes and keep the puck on your blade. The hybrid Kevlar-wrapped shaft of this stick gives impact protection and vibration dampening. The Multi-Rib and Micro-Bladder blade of the Synergy EQ50 ups the accuracy and power of shots. This stick is a step up from the lower cost EQ40 model in that it has a customizable weighted end cap, which offers optimal balance, as well as an adjustable swing weight (from 6.5 grams up to 26.5 grams). There are model variations for the Easton Synergy EQ50 composite hockey stick, each with blade options from a selection of NHL hockey players.

  • Model variations
  • Composite
  • Color: White/Red/Black
  • Synergy construction
  • Multi-Rib and Micro-Bladder blade
  • Visible Focus Weight Technology
  • Hybrid Kevlar-wrapped shaft
  • Customizable weighted end cap (from 6.5 to 26.5 grams)
Model Variations
  • Youth - $89.99, 40 Flex, Heatley blade option
  • Junior - $109.99, choice of 50/60 Flex, Iginla/Hall/Heatley/Zetterberg blade options (Zetterberg blade not available for 50 Flex)
  • Intermediate - $149.99, choice of 65/75 Flex, Iginla/Hall/Heatley/Zetterberg blace options (Getzlaf/Chara blades also available for 75 Flex) 
  • Senior - $189.99, choice of 85/100/110 Flex, Iginla/Hall/Parise/Heatley/Zetterberg/Getzlaf/Chara blade options (only Hall/Zetterberg/Chara blades available for 110 Flex) 
  • Junior Grip - $119.99, choice of 50/60 Flex, Iginla/Hall/Parise/Heatley blade options for 50 Flex, Iginla/Hall/Heatley/Zetterberg blade options for 60 Flex
  • Intermediate Grip - $159.99, choice of 65/75 Flex, Iginla/Hall/Heatley/Zetterberg blade options for 65 Flex, Iginla/Hall/ Parise/Heatley/Zetterberg/Getzlaf/Chara blade options available for 75 Flex
  • Senior Grip - $199.99, choice of 85/100/110 Flex, Iginla/Hall/Parise/Heatley/Zetterberg/Getzlaf/Chara blade options available (only Hall/Zetterberg/Chara blade options available for 110 Flex)
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03/07/2011 05:09

I have sold 25 and about 18 have broke in the 30 day return period

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